New burn ban zones designated

New outdoor burn ban zones have been created to provide for mitigation of the wildland fire hazard conditions that exist across the approximately 100-mile length of Klickitat County

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Asparagus growers face labor shortage

A new challenge is brewing for asparagus growers, and this one could cause growers like Kinsey Farms to cut back or get out. Speaking about the start of the asparagus season on Tuesday, April 10, Mark Kinsey said there may not be enough cutters to meet harvest demand.

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Stemilt to pay $95,000 to settle sexual harassment case

Stemilt Growers and Stemilt Ag Services have agreed to pay a female tractor driver $95,000 to settle a sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuit. Heidi Corona Arizaga will be paid $2,342.73 in lost wages, $5,500 in attorney fees, and $87,157.27 in compensatory damages.

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John Deere celebrates 100

The John Deere company is celebrating its 100-year anniversary of entering into the tractor business with a 100 days of celebrations.

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Agricultural-related bills signed into law

Two agricultural bills introduced by Sen. Jim Honeyford were signed into law Thursday, March 15, by Gov. Jay Inslee. Senate Bill 6125 gives the state Department of Ecology six more years to enter voluntary water agreements for out-of-stream use in the Columbia Basin. Senate Bill 6319 allows the state Department of Agriculture to implement the new federal Produce Safety Rule.

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Roza turns on water

The Roza Irrigation district began Yakima River diversions into the 95 mile long main canal yesterday, Thursday, March 15.

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Roza begins filling main canal

The Roza Irrigation district begam Yakima River diversions into the 95 mile long main canal today, Thursday, March 15. The reservoir allows the canal to be primed at a point 55 miles down the system.

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