Bill to outlaw Atlantic salmon net pen farming before governor

The fate of the state’s fish farming industry is in jeopardy following the Legislature’s passage of a bill that would prohibit new, renewed or extended leases on marine net pen farms that raise “nonnative” fish. The legislation passed the Senate on March 2 and is headed to Gov. Jay Inslee’s desk, where it awaits his signature before becoming law.

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Students urge lawmakers to pass gun-control regulations

More than 100 students from Seattle and Olympia area high schools rallied at the Capitol building in support of gun-control legislation. Partnering with the Alliance for Gun Responsibility on Tuesday, March 6, they called on lawmakers to pass Senate Bill 6620.

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Washington state expands abortion coverage

After five years in the making, the Reproductive Parity Act passed both chambers by slim margins and largely along party lines. Senate Bill 6219 passed with a 50-48 vote Feb. 28 and awaits Gov. Jay Inslee’s signature.

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DeRuyter, Borrego serve as pages in state Senate

Two Yakima Valley teenagers recently wrapped up their stints as pages in the state Senate. Tristan DeRuyter of Zillah and Genevieve Borrego of Cowiche both assisted 15th Legislative District Sen. Jim Honeyford, R-Sunnyside for a week in the Capitol Building and in their offices.

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Washington the fourth state to ban bump stocks

A controversial gun-control bill banning bump stocks was signed into law by Gov. Jay Inslee on Tuesday. Senate Bill 5922 previously passed both chambers of the Legislature by slim margins along party lines. The vote was 29-20 in the Senate and 56-41 in the House of Representatives.

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State Utilities and Trade Commission hires new law division director

The Utilities and Transportation Commission has appointed Judge Rayne Pearson as interim director of the Administrative Law Division. Pearson will coordinate the division’s dockets of complex, high stakes, multi-party litigation relating to regulation of UTC companies. She will also oversee the commission's Records Center and Tariff Section.

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Three McCabe bills await governor's signature

A local lawmaker has three bills awaiting the governor's signature to become law. Rep. Gina McCabe, R-Goldendale, shepherded her House Bill 2101, 2951 and 1539 through the legislative process and onto the desk of Gov. Jay Inslee this session.

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