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Planned Parenthood sex education tabled

Board acts before crowd even speaks

Sex education is off the table after more than 50 people showed up at Tuesday night’s School Board meeting to protest a proposed new curriculum.

Busy police: 12 arrests in less than 24 hours

From about 9 a.m. Wednesday to about 8 a.m. Thursday, police here made 12 arrests for various violations.

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Honor to King

Students of the Sunnyside School District line a portion of 6th Street near the old Lincoln School last Friday afternoon as a show of respect for slain 1960s civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

Robbery attempt at Mabton Chevron

A man who allegedly tried to rob a gas station was arrested Thursday evening as he walked by the Police Station.

Valley Martin Luther King activities

Honors to civil rights leader of last century

Motorists passing Washington Elementary School yesterday morning were encouraged honk their horns.

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Rattlesnake Slide workers prepared for the worst

In worst case I-82 traffic to Wapato, Granger

The landslide predicted for Rattlesnake Ridge probably won’t land on Interstate 82, according to Joint Information Center spokesperson Lisa VanClise.

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Chamber hears call for help

Ray Vining asks for four volunteers

Scout master, gardener, museum promoter and access ramp builder, Ray Vining is in a word – busy.

Planned Parenthood sex education here

Spokane board shot down for considering curriculum

The School District has planned a parent night from 5:15-6:45 p.m on Wednesday Jan. 24 to see a presentation of the sex education curriculum for the middle school designed by Planned Parenthood.

Two days, six arrests

Police arrested six individuals on Monday and Tuesday, including three people in custody for driving violations.

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New police officer

Eric St. John was sworn Monday as a new officer in the Prosser Police Department.

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Prosser woman takes on Daily Sun circulation

Judy Rodriguez had only three children to worry about before she began her new job as The Daily Sun circulation specialist Friday.

Mabton, Sunnyside not targets

There were threats on social media Wednesday that appeared to be targeting schools in Mabton and Sunnyside.

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Seasonal housing

The Yakima Housing Authority’s latest housing project for seasonal migrant farm workers is taking shape on the northwest slope of Cherry Hill, overlooking the town of Granger and the valley.

Group says new council member has conflicts

Asking about residency, ties to David Rand

A coalition of former Sunnyside City Council members, City Commissioners and residents asked the current City Council Monday evening to seek a legal opinion on a potential conflict of interest regarding newly elected member John Henry.

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32-unit apartment complex going up

Construction is under way on the apartments Paul and Julie Almanza planned last year for the southwest slope of Cherry Hill.