ICE forced to step up deportations

Last week, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed the California Values Act, or Senate Bill 54, which officially made the state an illegal alien sanctuary.

Blame publisher, not the managing editor


Managing Editor Ted Escobar may be getting the blame for the controversial Tom Paul story, but the writing seemed quite consistent with this newspaper since Roger Harnack became publisher.

Alma mater looking good

I went to the Granger High School football game Friday to photograph the game and homecoming festivities, and I had a nice time.

Send a ‘repeal’ message

Washington state government is collecting more tax revenue than at anytime in state history.

Facebook is the new ‘big brother’

You’re putting your life at risk, one like at a time.

Don’t label someone as ‘controversial’


I am a regular subscriber and reader of your newspaper. On Sept. 27, you ran a story titled, “Sheriff’s Office: Controversial resident commits suicide in field by Managing Editor Ted Escobar.

Ted’s column helps to wear the ‘right glasses’


I was among those who was sorely disappointed by Ted Escobar’s front page coverage of Tom Paul’s death — until I reread the article several times.

Shame on you for Tom Paul story


Shame, shame, shame on you Editor Roger Harnack and Managing Editor Ted Escobar.

Divorced doesn’t equal ‘single’

To a lot of so-called “single” moms, this is going to come as a shock: Divorced does not equal single.

Tom Paul stood up for American rights


Sunnyside like every city around her, has people with deep roots in the valley. Many of the residents here and near know each other.

Local business came to my rescue


It’s always good when you can shop and do business in your hometown.

Stop protesting, join police ranks


I know you are concerned with the current unrest in our nation today, brought on by some NFL players refusing to stand during the playing of our National Anthem at NFL games.

Tom Paul deserved better coverage


As a person who grew up in Sunnyside, I was so upset when I saw the Sept. 27 edition and Managing Editor Ted Escobar’s completely inappropriate coverage of Tom Paul.

Quantitative easing should stop


If we continue quantitative easing, (i.e. “money printing”), then we might have runaway inflation which will cause the markets to plunge by 70 percent or more.

Tom Paul story was inappropriate


I read the Sept. 27 story about Tom Paul committing suicide.