Should after-work contact be illegal?

On Jan. 1, France implemented a new law that gives workers the legal “right to disconnect” from emails and other digital correspondence from co-workers and bosses while off the clock.

County-merger plan a bad idea

Clark County Republican Assessor Peter Van Nortwick and Democrat Treasurer Doug Lasher want a state constitutional amendment requiring a minimum population of 25,000 residents for a county to exist.

Prioritize spending, don’t hike taxes

The 2017 Legislative session begins Monday, and with it comes the continued battle over K-12 education funding.

Time for nation to REIN in regulators

I’ve written a book chapter and a lot of columns over the years on the Regulations from the Executive In Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act — a profoundly simple, powerful bill that would require regulators and bureaucrats to get their most expensive rules approved by Congress before they could take effect.

Hey, Google is my new buddy

I’m drinking morning coffee and exchanging pleasantries with the omnipotent Google Home device that arrived as a gift and was given a place near our kitchen table.

Electoral College results are a ‘travesty’


I am an American and believe in the U.S. constitution. However, my faith in America and belief in the Constitution has been severely challenged.

Clarification needed on Daily Sun editorial


After reading with great concern your Dec. 21 editorial about our state’s Electoral College vote Dec. 19 and the four “faithless electors,” some clarifications are needed.

Ring in New Year safely Saturday

Find a designated driver before partying on New Years Eve

You’ve survived another year and you’re ready to celebrate.

New year’s resolutions for Donald Trump and Congress

In the spirit of New Year’s, here are four resolutions for president-elect Trump and Congress that will enable them to really make America great again:

Opportunities with the shift from oil

As 2017 approaches, it is fascinating to look back at the vast changes in our lives over the last century and then imagine where we may be headed in the next 25 years.

Remember your pet this holiday season


As we celebrate joyfully with friends and family this holiday season, American Humane — the country’s first national humane organization — is reminding pet owners to take safety steps to ensure the holidays are just as merry for their furry friends.

Medicare plan wrong for seniors


Our local Congressman, Rep. Dan Newhouse, is supporting Paul Ryan’s efforts to end Medicare as we know it.