As details emerge about nuclear deal, concerns grow

Earlier this year I joined 366 of my colleagues in Congress to express grave concern about the Obama Administration’s negotiations with Iran on a possible nuclear deal

Hearts of gold in Lower Valley

I don’t care what outsiders say or think of the Lower Yakima Valley, when they paint us in a negative light.

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Can’t argue with logic

Whenever Delbert McLain – our chamber of commerce here – gets a new idea, he generally shows up at the Mule Barn for coffee.

More research funding needed for Alzheimer’s


My wife has early-onset Alzheimer’s. I am her unpaid caregiver.

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Top priority of congress should be reducing burdens of federal regulations on small businesses

I recently read a news story of an outstanding teenager in Prosser named Walker Orr. Since the age of 8, Walker has found innovative ways to offer a service or product in exchange for a reasonable price, from selling varieties of seeds to running a lawn mowing business.

Too much of a good thing?

I’m putting them on my salad, my burgers, popping them like happy pills.

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Role of president has changed over the years

Before the ins and outs of the 2016 presidential contest become a preoccupation for many of us, it seems a good time to step back and look at the office of the presidency for which so many candidates are vying.

Survival of the fittest

Days like this, said Doc, a guy has to get out and get his yard work done early, before it gets too hot.

Corn stalkers


Not everyone needs a college degree

John W. Gardner, the United States Secretary of Health and Human Services from 1965 to 1968, is quoted as saying:

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Lamborghinis, concentration camps and fetus parts

Like car parts chunked and sold in a junk yard, unborn baby parts have value, too.

Tuesday tunes


The Lower Valley is full of great musical talent!

Thanks for support


Hello all. This is Chad Pickel, the former manager of Ken’s Quick Lube.

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1995: Lind qualifies for national Junior Olympic track meet

A look back in time from the files of the Sunnyside Daily Sun News and Sunnyside Sun