Trump figured out North Korea

Trump has really gone and done it. Instead of settling for slowing down the rise of socialism in America with his election as president, he struck a blow to world-wide socialism on Tuesday, June 12, 2018, by negotiating with North Korea.

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State watching Seattle's head tax

As Seattle moves ahead with a plan to tax employers $275 per year per employee, the rest of the state is watching with a mix of disbelief, unease and even a little opportunism.

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Religious rights need to be taken seriously, too

Taxpayers statewide will be on the hook financially for millions of dollars in lawsuits, at least until state officials start taking religious freedoms as seriously as they do rights for alternative lifestyles.

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Crazy Memorial Day weekend

Memorial weekend was crazy. I did more yard work than planned, less news work, and I came across a couple of interesting people.

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