China’s strategy may drive U.S. jobs

China has a new industrial strategy capturing attention worldwide.

Solving our illegal immigration

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s recent speech on immigration missed the point.

High court should relinquish McCleary authority

The state Supreme Court is dangerously close to violating the state constitution and usurping the duties of the Legislature.

This Labor Day, beware of confusing signs

Highway signs along Interstate 80 in Utah warn: FOG MAY BE ICY.

University should fire Wielgus

If there was ever any doubt that our public universities have been filled with liberalism and personal greed and political agendas, they should’ve been erased by an admission this week at Washington State University.

It appears that Hillary Clinton is going to win the Presidential race.


It appears that Hillary Clinton is going to win the Presidential race.

A local draft day

Got an e-mail the other day asking me to participate in a fantasy football draft this weekend.

Kudos on candidate forums

In this season of campaign ads and political signs that seem to line every street, candidate forums provide an opportunity to get to the heart of issues, and where candidates stand.

America’s lost love affair with cars

I’m a car guy.

Climate policy needs consistency

The flurry of climate regulations coming out of federal agencies is an example of what to avoid.

Progressives miss the point


We in America are in a very difficult time.

Schools no place for drug testing

Their concern comes from good motives, no doubt, but we believe Prosser School Board members are misguided in considering voluntary drug testing for students.

Star Trek celebrates its 50th birthday

Not too long after the Sept. 8, 1966 premiere of TV’s “Star Trek” (or “Star Trick,” as I misheard the title), my “no nonsense” grandfather unloaded on my father.

Stuck on the fourth ‘R’

Classes have or will soon start in Lower Yakima Valley schools.

Fires are part of life on our side

It’s summer time in Eastern Washington.