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Some things better left unknown

Doc smiled and felt really good inside when he heard the familiar bird song.

Crash stats scary enough to keep me off the road

The Washington Traffic Safety Commission recently released its list of statistics from 2012.

West Nile virus coverage appreciated


The Wine Country Riders (Backcountry Horsemen of Washington) would like to thank the Daily Sun News for the great coverage of our recent West Nile virus equine clinic held March 22 in Grandview.

Celebrate Sunnyside’s growth April 8


Sunnyside is celebrating positive growth. Please join Sunnyside-United-Unidos in “Celebrate Sunnyside,” an event on Tuesday, April 8.

Record breaking success


We had record breaking numbers on Saturday, March 29, for our 10th annual “Show & Shine” car show!!

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1994: Grid Kid football program returns to S’side

A look back in time from the files of the Sunnyside Daily Sun News and Sunnyside Sun

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Foul balls

Over in the sports section they greet each baseball season with rankings, predictions and detailed summaries of off-season roster moves. Here on the opinion page we usually prefer to wax about emerald green grass, the crack of the bat and the vernal reawakening of our Great American Pastime.

Skilled trade jobs unfilled in our nation’s slow economy

Millions of unemployed college graduates are back where they started, living with their parents.

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Tips for tax season

As tax day nears on April 15, we’re reminded of the tremendous impact that decisions made in Washington D.C. have on Central Washington families, farmers and businesses.

Spring yard work is calling......NOT

I had nearly given up on spring’s arrival this year when it burst forth with all the dandelions I can possibly wish for. It is not that I am a fan of the sunny little weed, but its arrival reminds me that I need to tie on my yard shoes and finally uncover the flower and garden beds in my otherwise ugly yard.

Good neighbors


Bud and I would like to give a humble thank you to our neighbor dairymen, Jason Sheehan and the Veldhuis brothers - Ruurd and Hessel - for their hard work in helping us level our two acres of land.

A new beginning

I’ve always dreaded going to community meetings, fearing more negatives and fewer positives will be brought forth during hours and hours of repetitive discussion.

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A sinking feeling about Noah

*Sigh* The whole Noah’s ark experience used to be so simple.

Changes underway

Sunnyside motorists traveling to and fro, who typically traverse South Sixth Street to get from one destination to another have inevitably noticed their route of travel has become a construction zone.

Our food also comes from the state’s waters

Monday morning a brief article in the newspaper caught my attention. In Seattle on Thursday there was to be a parade of nine wooden fishing vessels going from their winter home in Ballard down to South Lake Union. They are to be displayed there until Saturday’s opening exhibit at the Center for Wooden Boats.