Trump told forgotten folks they mattered

When people are generally passionate about things, they exceed the bounds of reason.

End electoral college


The 2016 presidential election is behind us and many are surprised – some disappointed and others jubilant.

Palin smarter than the pollsters

“Like I’ve said before...polls are only good for strippers and cross-country skiers,” Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin told Fox News host Bill O’Reilly earlier this month — a mere two days before the presidential election.

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2016 Elections: Lady Washington

Keep eye on Franz’s land policies

The general election is in the books, but we’re just now starting to deal with the aftermath.

What did voters really see Tuesday?

So, the most frequent refrain since Election Day is that “no one saw this coming.” Not the pollsters, not the media, not the Democrats’ machine.

Name game

I got a tickle earlier this week when the state Department of Corrections announced it is phasing out the word “offender.”

Klickitat buy not what it seems

The next land acquisition request by the state Department of Natural Resources smacks of a backroom deal between the agency and a Portland-based group backed by real estate interests.

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Happy Veterans Day

Thanks to all our veterans

Today is Veterans Day. There will be parades, flags and salutes throughout the Lower Yakima Valley.

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Forget election, dream about Mars

Recently, President Obama reiterated the grand goal he first set back in 2010 for the U.S. to send a mission to Mars by the 2030s.

Fatal crash photo inconsiderate to family


As someone who has recently lost a loved one due to a tragic car accident, I find the picture that you put on the front page of your Nov. 8 issue completely tasteless.

Change electoral vote allocation

Those of us in Eastern Washington are keenly aware that ours is a winner-take-all state when it comes to the electoral college.

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Slime off!

Trump’s impact good for our region

With a Donald Trump presidency becoming reality, what does that mean for us here in Eastern Washington?