Give Brady a break

People everywhere are talking about how they are tired of the New England Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady as the Super Bowl approaches.

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Call it a pay-as-you-go amnesty

The current controversy over granting amnesty to approximately 800,000 Delayed Accountability for Contemptuous Aliens, “DACA,” is nowhere near the end of demands to appease mass lawbreakers.

January 24, 2018 noon read more..

Jenkin’s leadership helping community

Kudos to 16th District State Rep. Bill Jenkin for his recent call to amicably end the Prosser hospital’s lawsuit again Northwest Community Foundation (formerly Prosser Memorial Hospital Foundation).

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Raw water craze not the best idea

Thirty-plus years ago, aunt Addie Lee dropped in on the farmhouse that my parents used for storage and family cookouts. She quaffed a glass of sparkling tap water and waxed eloquent about how our good ol’ spring water put to shame the over-processed H2O from the municipal water works.

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Lawful citizens pay price for illegal aliens

Daily Sun Publisher Roger Harnack had the courage to speak truth in his recent opinion piece about what this liberal state wishes to give people who are not citizens and who broke the law to get here.

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