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Toasting a long life

After I read the news report, I popped the wine cork and praised the science gods. Alcohol consumption helps us live longer.

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U.S. Postal Service headed for disaster

The United States Postal Service is careening toward financial catastrophe, posting a $5.5 billion loss in fiscal year 2014.

More time for people than for paperwork

Visiting schools on a regular basis, I was surprised earlier this week when I was made aware Sunnyside has a principal who has taken a different approach from others I have met.


What a contrast!

Sunnyside City Council needs to make a decision


The Sunnyside City Council members were elected by local citizens to make decisions on what is best for our community.

Vaccination crackdown a move in the right direction

Spokane School District has booted 143 kids from classes after their parents failed to provide documentation that the children were vaccinated or are exempt from being vaccinated.

Things you shouldn’t say to female politicians

Certain women complain that their attempts at entering the political arena are stymied by a glass ceiling, a good ole’ boys network, a double standard. These are the updated versions of what used to be called “sexism.”

Positive thoughts on labor negotiations


The two of us were running some errands in town and saw this bright yellow sign in a yard. It said, “RNs take care of us.”

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A nuclear deal with Iran must face the facts

Today, the Middle East is a dangerous place where America’s enemies seem to be expanding their reach as America’s allies watch anxiously.

1985: Prosser pilot dies in crash near Sunnyside

A look back in time from the files of the Sunnyside Daily Sun News and Sunnyside Sun

School district should consider wish of Grandview High grads


I recently learned that my granddaughter’s graduation at Grandview High School is being moved to the Grandview fairgrounds due to the recent approval of a levy to update their current stadium, which is very upsetting.

Road sage

Next to Interstate 15, about 45 miles south of Las Vegas, sit three mysterious structures that look like gigantic table lamps giving off blinding light.

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Tokes for tots

Light up, Washington!

Citywide clean-up offers me a freebie

Every year I vow I’ll do a better job of fall clean-up in my postage stamp-sized yard to make my spring cleaning easier.