Gridiron action heats up tonight

Turn off the TV and head to the stadium tonight. It’s football under the Friday night lights.

Cycling safety


I am a cyclist who rides the golf cart paths in the villages in the pre-dawn, dawn hours of the morning. I have several suggestions for people who use these paths.

Health care battle moves to states

One of the major provisions in the federal health reform law calls on states to establish health insurance exchanges by 2014.

Tease photo

Having fun and helping grandma

Sometimes when I go out to work on a story, I come across something else that gets my attention.

Raced-based politics affecting education at WSU

A few Washington State University students are calling for campus officials to require incoming freshmen and faculty to undergo cultural competency “training.”

Leftists have selective vision regarding Charlottesville

Leftists had a corporate autonomous sensory meridian response (brain orgasm) when one of the most racially divisive presidents in American history, Barack Obama, tweeted: “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion.”

Congestion Courtesy


This past weekend I accompanied my Boy Scouts into the path of totality for the eclipse of the sun.

Trump wise to disband manufacturing group

President Trump wisely disbanded his Manufacturing Jobs Initiative (MJI), a sham that pretended to be concerned about American workers’ plights, but in reality served as a corporate networking tool. Initiatives, blue ribbon panels and task forces make for good press, but are rarely productive.

Drive slow, please

Just one big holiday remains this summer — Labor Day — a three-day weekend in which to cram all of the last-minute summer fun a family can stand.

Siri: What Is Football’s Future?

Will football someday become the world’s first virtual professional sport?

Stop support of the NFL


It is my opinion that anyone who has any patriotism should NOT watch any NFL game.

Dale asked: Remember the asparagus?

Covering the Toppenish Junior Rodeo recently, I ran into Dale Robertson, an old friend and 1966 classmate of my brother Bob.

Eclipse a nice break from life

It was nice the past few days watching people here and across the country celebrating the total eclipse of the sun.

Floor vote on RAISE Act necessary

When the subject is immigration, everyone has an opinion.

Revisionists erasing our history

Revisionists have been trying to change history since mankind could communicate.