Obamacare, not drug prices causing cost hike

President Obama promised he would bend the health care cost curve and he has — but in the wrong direction.

Here’s the other side of the coin

I hear city leaders constantly complain about the onus of dealing with public record requests. The whine to the legislature, to state agencies.

Scrap Columbia restoration act

Having lived around the U.S. and overseas, I’ve had ample opportunity to see — and sometimes recreate on — polluted rivers and waterways.

Kudos to Loving Sunnyside

The volunteer whirlwind that is the Loving Sunnyside Initiative hits the century mark tomorrow when it paints and touches up its 100th home.

Beware, the health wars are upon us

We, the American People, should pat ourselves on the back for having survived a multitude of presidential battles this year.

Corruption hurting U.S. foreign policy


Corruption on a massive scale has been bleeding the life-blood from America’s economic assistance initiatives for Afghanistan, funding which has amounted to around $114 billion since our initial military intervention there in 2001.

Time to worry about a shutdown

Unfortunately, discussion over our skyrocketing national debt is only a footnote in the testy presidential campaign this year.

Miloscia the choice for state auditor

For several years, Sen. Mark Miloscia has led the charge in the Legislature for government accountability.

Union gets pay back for Inslee contribution

“About 30,000 Washington state workers would receive pay raises of roughly 6 percent,” Wednesday’s Associated Press story explained, “under a tentative deal struck Tuesday between state officials and union leaders.”

State’s cap-and-trade will cost

Cap and trade policies called by any other name are still cap and trade policies.

You never know, until you know

“They’re on drugs.”

Our pick: Bryant for governor

If there’s a way to mismanage something, Gov. Jay Inslee seems to find it.

Don’t bring California job-killing rules

California has become a manufacturing “job-killer” bastion because of its shackling regulations, high taxes and excessive permitting requirements. Its quagmire of government-mandate programs is accelerating an industrial exodus.

Parade marshal selections praised


The choice by the Miss Sunnyside Court and Terry Ziegler, as chairs of the Sunshine Days Parade, to select Deb Estrada and Brit Moore as Grand Marshals is “spot-on.”

Director apologizes for schedule mix-up


Best intentions mean little when coupled with bad information.