No such thing as personal privacy

Your personal information is most likely out there for criminals to use.

Steadfast advocate running for city council


We would like to remind everyone that Theresa Hancock has been a proven leader on Sunnyside City Council. She has been a steadfast advocate for the residents of Sunnyside.

Write-in candidate an accomplished leader


Sunnyside’s accomplished advocate is running for another term for City Council District No. 1.

Service to God isn’t slavery, its noteworthy


Fear of God has almost disappeared in America.

Campaign sign theft is disrespectful behavior


It has been brought to my attention that my opponent’s campaign signs have been stolen on several occasions.

Write in Hancock for Sunnyside council seat


Our community deserves the best. The best person running for City Council is Theresa Hancock.

‘Real Newspapers, Real News’

As a community newspaper publisher, nothing irks me more than people saying they get their news online or on television.

Vote for Hancock as a write-in candidate


As a former editor of The Daily Sun, I had many opportunities to observe Sunnyside City Councilwoman Theresa Hancock working to fairly represent the residents of this community.

Construction rages as fires continue

California’s Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, which oversees 31 million acres of privately owned wildlands, said the raging and ongoing wildfires rank among the worst in the state’s history.

Pro athletes, put up or shut up

What would you do if you were paid $435,000 for one year at your job?

Take time to attend budget meetings

It’s that time of year when municipal agencies are meeting regularly to determine next year’s budgets.

Not to go to Las Vegas right idea

Today I’m counting my blessings.

Disappointment at Tom Paul story


I want to express my deep disappointment and disgust of the Sept. 27 story on Tom Paul.

Roza’s success noteworthy

Last week, the Roza Irrigation District opened a new reservoir in the Rattlesnake foothills north of Sunnyside.

Marijuana sales or not – on the ballot

The general election ballot has a proposition that will make you take notice.