People are to blame

Hearing all these for and against the sales of marijuana in this city sort of puzzles me? Not that I am for or against it! But being a person being in severe pain for MANY years, makes me look at this differently than many people.

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Community support lauded

The Sunnyside Police Department would like to thank and acknowledge all those who participated in our National Night Out celebration Tuesday, August 7th, 2018.

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Deaths are unnecessary

It has happened again. A young life has been cut short. Two parents have lost a child. A young person will never have the chance to grow into adulthood. This is all because a driver was not paying attention and, reportedly, ran a stop sign.

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Don’t let Sunnyside become Darkside

I also attended the last meeting of the Sunnyside City Council. I was impressed with the letter Mr. Jason Raines wrote to the Daily Sun News pertaining to this meeting. He spoke the truth and was brave enough to write about it.

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City council not listening

This letter is in response to the letter last week from Jason Raines regarding the September 10, 2018 city council meeting.

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Supports Dufault

I am glad to support Jeremie Dufault to be the next state representative from the 15th District.

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Looking forward to Sunshine Days

Today (Friday) marks the beginning of Sunshine Days, a weekend I always enjoy... this year, more than ever, because I get to give out the Mayor’s Choice Trophy during Saturday’s float judging prior to the start of the Sunshine Days Parade.

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Customer irate at cemetery operator

My family and I recently paid more than $2,000 for a bench to be placed beside my Grandparents’ burial site in Sunnyside, at the Lower Valley Memorial Gardens.

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Unhappy with Rand’s, mayor’s conduct

At the most recent meeting of Sunnyside City Council, residents witnessed a total lack of decorum and class on the part of Planning Commissioner David Rand as the issue of a recreational marijuana drug store was lewdly pushed by Rand and his family.

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