Prosser’s Pokemon hunt good for the city

Pokemon Go is popping up all over. There are critters to catch in cemeteries, on street corners and even government buildings.

Foreigners taking Americans’ jobs

Wall Street gushed when the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced the July economy created 255,000 new jobs.

I’m still a local believer

With a few exceptions, we try to buy local when we can.

Rodeo, meteors collide tonight

For the last nine years, the second week of August has meant two things for me — rodeo and meteors.

Columbia River treaty is a priority

Federal officials seem to think the Columbia River treaty with Canada isn’t important enough for renegotiations to begin.

Awakening to the 2016 election

“Where am I?” asked the man from his hospital bed.

Is fiction imitating fact?


There’s a new movie coming out, “Transparent,” that promises to be the action thriller of the year.

Apologies for restaurant incident


On behalf of the entire El Valle Restaurant and staff, we sincerely apologize for the unfortunate incident that one of our guests experienced July 13.

Pakootas is the right choice for Congress


When Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Rep. Morton were praising Teck Cominco for their polluting the Columbia River and Lake Roosevelt, Joe Pakootas sued the Canadian firm and is responsible for a landmark decision to protect international boundaries and stopped the polluting of heavy metals into our rivers.

Remember ‘The Boys in the Boat’

The Great Depression was very hard on most Americans.

Celebrate our fair and rodeo

For four days, starting today and going through Saturday, the region’s focus will be right here in the lower valley for the annual Yakima Valley Fair and Rodeo in Grandview.

Pokemon Go wish list for lower valley

My wife and I spent a few days at the beach recently, relaxing and checking out tide pools.

Councilman’s ‘Peasant’ remark raises concern


After reading a front page article in the Tuesday edition of the Daily Sun, I am curious whether the entire Sunnyside City Council refers to all people who may appear in front of them as “Peasants.”

Election will disappoint Americans

It is sad commentary when our political conventions have become more like rock’n’roll concerts than competitions of ideas.