Halt cash flow to ‘What’s Upstream’

Congressman Dan Newhouse is outraged the federal Environmental Protection Agency continues to give money to the anti-farmer “What’s Upstream” advertising campaign.

America is flirting with disaster

Diligence required to prevent the next Pearl Harbor

One of many memorable things about Mr. Foster was that, as a 19-year-old from the hills of Tennessee, he was at Pearl Harbor during the Japanese sneak attack.

Fear God, not president-elect Trump


The Presidential Election is over.

Tease photo

Pearl Harbor: 75 years later

Seventy-five years after the attack, most witnesses are no longer with us. But the legacy of those who defended Pearl Harbor on the day of infamy remains.

Speak up to ensure dams remain

Along the Snake River, water contained in four reservoirs behind dams that not only provide economic benefits, but recreational opportunities.

Some words we should avoid in 2017

Before year’s end, let’s have one sort of Kumbaya moment as we turn the page on words and expressions that have sort of worn out their welcomes in 2016.

Registry a needless ploy

It was one of those ideas that, at first blush, sounded like a good plan.

Feds want grizzlies in Cascades

As you head out into the Cascade Mountains in the coming weeks looking for that perfect family Christmas tree, take in what’s around you.

Come, lighten up here in Sunnyside

Sunnyside will be at its brightest and best tomorrow for the 28th annual Lighted Farm Implement Parade.

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Apple Cup 2016

Let Senate kill U.N. climate treaty

When is a treaty not a treaty?

College kids don’t understand

When, chest puffed out with pride, my father told a law partner his first-born was accepted to Bryn Mawr College, this was the immediate response: “Isn’t that the place where they don’t shave their underarms and dance naked around the Maypole?”

Whatever happened to giving thanks?

For the last several years, commercialization has taken over Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving: Haven and attitude of gratitude

Thanksgiving is much more than a big meal with family and friends.

Coverage commended


On behalf of Sunnyside Christian High School students and families, I would like to commend the Daily Sun News reporters for their coverage of our volleyball and football teams.