State’s cap-and-trade will cost

Cap and trade policies called by any other name are still cap and trade policies.

You never know, until you know

“They’re on drugs.”

Our pick: Bryant for governor

If there’s a way to mismanage something, Gov. Jay Inslee seems to find it.

Don’t bring California job-killing rules

California has become a manufacturing “job-killer” bastion because of its shackling regulations, high taxes and excessive permitting requirements. Its quagmire of government-mandate programs is accelerating an industrial exodus.

Parade marshal selections praised


The choice by the Miss Sunnyside Court and Terry Ziegler, as chairs of the Sunshine Days Parade, to select Deb Estrada and Brit Moore as Grand Marshals is “spot-on.”

Director apologizes for schedule mix-up


Best intentions mean little when coupled with bad information.

End our welfare-warfare state

Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen suggested the Federal Reserve would raise interest rates by the end of the year. Markets reacted favorably.

Celebrate harvest in Sunnyside this week

Festival organizers deserve our thanks

The Miss Sunnyside Board of Directors has single-handedly revived a dying community celebration.

Maybe I’ll be sitting out Sunday

You probably remember where you were on Sept. 11, 2001.

Perception affecting another pipeline

The anti-Keystone activists insisted that killing the pipeline was singularly important for the future of the world, because of the supposedly uniquely dirty Canadian oil sands.

Clinton’s Wall Street link cause for concern


The primary cause of the Great Depression was commercial bank speculation in the stock market while governmental missteps prolonged it.

Players show passion, respect

There’s nothing like football in small town America. Here in Eastern Washington, when hot days turn to cool nights, you can almost feel the passion of a smashmouth game in area high school stadiums.

Assault weapons aren’t the problem

State Attorney General Bob Ferguson is taking his political cue from a July 30 tragedy to once again call for a ban on military-looking firearms.

Tease photo

Welcome back!

China’s strategy may drive U.S. jobs

China has a new industrial strategy capturing attention worldwide.