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Scariest. House. Ever.

Donald, leave comedy to the professionals

Comedy is a delicate business and should be left to the trained professionals.

Take page from Ford’s playbook

It’s D-Day for American voters.

Bumper sticker saying


Saw a bumper sticker with this wording.

Set a civil example for our childrens future


The Villages is the friendliest home town in the U.S.

Time for a third option for president


Our government is dominated by two political parties. The problems we have today will not be solved by sending more of them to Washington.

Newhouse the choice for Superior Court


My name is Vanessa Lemon and I’m writing in support of Alex Newhouse for Yakima County Superior Court Judge.

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The Walking Dead

Will we follow the lead of Iceland?

During the 2008 economic crisis, Iceland’s government froze offshore accounts held by foreign investors in that country’s currency, the krona.

Your vote counts in many Nov. 8 contests


Having come up just eight votes short in a primary recount for state representative, I can tell you first-hand, your vote counts.

Don’t let clowns ruin Halloween

Ah, Halloween. My favorite holiday of the year.

Thanks, Zillah

Relatively speaking, there aren’t a lot of local races this campaign.

Support Mabton school levy

Mabton voters will consider a $2.5 million school construction levy Nov. 8.

Dead people are still voting in America

With Halloween so close to the November election, we may as well bring up the obvious link between ghouls and political hacks: Dead people are voting.