Eliminate Electoral College in elections

The 2016 Presidential election is fast approaching.

Council meetings should be on video

The Sunnyside City Council is considering a plan to video and live stream its meetings.

Late-night comics on Trump and Clinton

This presidential campaign is the nuttiest in my lifetime but at least America is maintaining its sense of humor.

Make sure city programs continue


On Thursday night, the Parks and Recreation Department had its awards presentation for the boys and girls who participated in this year’s basketball program.

Bumper car therapy for government

Over the last 35 years our family has vacationed at the same place on the beach. While the buildings have been refurbished, the complex remains largely unchanged.

Tease photo

I miss Godzilla

We back the Daves

Three candidates are in the mix for the 15th Legislative District’s Position No. 2 and only two can move on from the Aug. 2 primary.

Black lies matter, President Obama

It takes a special kind of president to travel to Dallas, ostensibly to speak at a memorial service for five assassinated police officers, and instead deliver a Black Lives Matter convention speech.

Support Pomraning for District No. 16 post


Throughout history, man has tried to better himself through hard work.

Kearby right man for District No. 15 position


This letter is to endorse David Kearby, for 15th District state representative.

We don’t need more ethanol

Motorists in Washington state are paying more for fuel than their peers in 45 other states.

Steve and Steven get nod for land post

With state Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark of Okanogan bowing out of the election process this year, you’ll find a myriad of wannabe replacements.

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When Donald Trump Dreams...

Nostalgic for the drive-in theater

Here’s something I miss more each summer: the drive-in movie theater.

Our longest war just got longer

The longest war in U.S. history just got even longer.