Rep. Newhouse should support BOLD


It is time we change our thinking on Alzheimer’s disease. Too often Alzheimer’s and other dementias are treated as an aging issue, ignoring the public health consequences of a disease that someone in the U.S. develops every 66 seconds.

Tease photo

Media shows its East Coast bias

While the national media is fixated on the sexual antics of their East Coast anchors, and wealthy lawmakers, real news is taking place in Las Vegas, Nev., news that has a very real possibility of changing how public land is managed here and across the rest of The West.

Don’t read too much into tally

Lower Yakima Valley voters have spoken on marijuana. Well, sort of.

Great coverage of Toppenish parade


Thank you for the great coverage of the Toppenish Lighted Parade in Monday’s edition of The Daily Sun.

Shortest courtship ever, maybe

Pat and I were watching Hallmark Christmas movies last week as we celebrated Thanksgiving.

Come celebrate the farm

It’s finally here – the weekend all of Sunnyside looks forward to all year – the annual Sunnyside Lighted Farm Implement Parade weekend.

Could you pass a ‘good citizen’ test?

My son Gideon’s former elementary school awarded (and still awards) a weekly “good citizen” award to a student who does an outstanding job with teamwork, politeness, kindness, etc.

Ask Rep. Newhouse to co-sponsor partnership


Thanks for helping to create a conversation about reducing poverty with education, and the bipartisan work to support this effort. (‘Educate children and cut poverty worldwide’ by Lisa Still, Daily Sun, October 27, 2017)

Congress should pass tax reform

Unemployment is low, stocks are booming, and business confidence is soaring to record highs.

Forget the box stores, shop local

Now that the door-busters are over at the big box stores — you know, the ones where you drive to the Tri-Cities to buy yourself a new TV for Christmas — it’s time to start thinking shopping in local mom-and-pop shops.

Prayer for peace that calls us to act

Howard Henry’s no preacher. But the prayer he uttered outside a home on Logan Street in Harrisburg on a chilly night last week for Kaliah Dearing, 16, and Natasha Harner, 24, who had been found shot dead there, carried the same weight as if they’d been uttered by a man or a woman of the cloth.

Thankful for those who help stuttering pupils

Thanksgiving grants us time each year to reflect on our blessings with gratitude and to look forward to the new year with anticipation.

Thankful for living in America

Many are the things people say they are thankful every year as they sit for their Thanksgiving meal.

Holiday isn’t about shopping or phones

Everywhere you go today, you’ll notice people flipping through the newspaper and scanning the Internet for Christmas deals. Although merchandise isn’t yet available for Black Friday, the Christmas shopping season is well under way.

Congress obsesses over amnesty

A year ago, 63 million Americans elected Donald Trump as president. Energized by Trump’s pledge to enforce immigration laws and restore an immigration system that works, voters pulled off a historic defeat of mainstream avowed-open border candidate Hillary Clinton.