Church changes leadership in valley


Thanks, council, for backing city history

It may be long overdue, but kudos to the City Council for throwing its support behind the Sunnyside Museum.

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Why I snapped at a Bernie supporter

I’m crabby this time of year — absolutely miserable.

Firms pass up Obamacare credits

It was shocking to read that a scant number of small businesses are taking advantage of federal tax credits designed to make health insurance more affordable.

Appreciates volunteers


Gov. Inslee rightly fires Adler after escapes

Gov. Jay Inslee yesterday stepped up and fired Western State Hospital CEO Ron Adler in the wake of recent escapes from the mental facility in Lakewood.

Looking at Olympia in rear-view mirror

I pulled into my driveway in Sunnyside late on the afternoon of March 31.

Mayor appreciates rose garden volunteers


What a sight it was to see all generations rubbing elbows together for the betterment of Grandview during the recent rose garden work party.

Ruralites win a few land fights

The last few weeks have been great for rural communities in Eastern Washington.

Give sheriff authority on publicly owned land

It seems like everywhere you go, there are multiple law enforcement agencies.

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We'd love having y'all!

Needed today: Another Earl Hamner

Boy, did I love watching that show when I was a boy.

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Costs at heart of Boeing job cuts

Boeing’s new cost-reduction plan has deep ramifications for Washington because the bulk of the 4,500 job cuts are likely to land here.

Enough with potty politics, Gov. Inslee

Gov. Jay Inslee last week banned nonessential state government travel to North Carolina in the wake of that state’s insistence men and women use their respective gender-based restrooms.