Whatever happened to giving thanks?

For the last several years, commercialization has taken over Thanksgiving.

Still thankful after all these years

Through thick and thin, The Daily Sun and its predecessors, The Sunnyside Sun and The Daily News, has kept the community informed for more than 100 years.

Remove election signage

The general election is over. Yet, political campaign signs remain posted throughout the Lower Yakima Valley.

Keep eye on Franz’s land policies

The general election is in the books, but we’re just now starting to deal with the aftermath.

Trump’s impact good for our region

With a Donald Trump presidency becoming reality, what does that mean for us here in Eastern Washington?

Daily Sun endorses political hopefuls

In a race of national significance, U.S. Senate incumbent Democrat Patty Murray is facing a tough challenger in Republican Chris Vance.

Our pick: Elect Gary Johnson for president

More than ever, this presidential election has pointed to the foibles of our nation’s two-party political system.

Time for change on state’s high court

With its insistence on interfering in the Legislature’s role, it’s time for change on the state’s Supreme Court.

Support Mabton school levy

Mabton voters will consider a $2.5 million school construction levy Nov. 8.

A way out for Mabton?

It’s a conundrum for the city of Mabton. No doubt about it.

Johnson should be in debate

The second presidential debate is slated for Sunday night.

Proof of citizenship should be required

Since the so-called motor voter act was approved by Congress 23 years ago, voting and drivers licenses have been inseparably linked nationwide.

Say ‘no’ to I-732 and save your money

A measure on the Nov. 8 general election ballot is getting very little attention. But voters need to understand what Initiative 732 will mean to their pocketbooks.

We endorse McLaughlin for public lands post

After years of failed state Department of Natural Resources land management policies leading up to massive wildfires, voters next month will have a clear choice when it comes to electing a new commissioner of public lands: Continue much of the failed extreme environmental practices or transition to a wise-use approach.

Kudos to Loving Sunnyside

The volunteer whirlwind that is the Loving Sunnyside Initiative hits the century mark tomorrow when it paints and touches up its 100th home.