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Give the Dad in your life a day off

Sunday is Father’s Day.

Firearms aren’t to blame for mass killing

Focus on individual responsibility instead

Whenever a shooting occurs, anti-gun politicians move to blame our 2nd Amendment and firearms companies and dealers.

Head to Bickleton for family fun, picnic

There’s a yearly reminder of just how deep local roots go.

Council wise to revisit pot ban

The Sunnyside City Council’s move to revisit its retail marijuana ban may have some scratching their heads or a bit disheartened.

Congrats graduates, we wish you luck

For the past several weeks, we’ve covered scholarships being awarded to high school seniors planning the next step on their educational journeys.

Now’s your chance to speak up

Concerned or displeased with the way our state manages its lands or responds to wildfire?

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Observe Memorial Day, honor war dead

For most Americans, Memorial Day means barbecues, outdoor activities and a three-day weekend away from work. The meaning of the holiday is often lost.

Time to stop free passes

Public employees should be held to a higher standard

A top local school administrator is arrested for drunken driving in a publicly owned vehicle. Two area teachers are placed on administrative leave after being charged with illegal sexual activities involving children.

Relay for Life boosts morale, helps locals

In the past, a cancer diagnosis was considered a death sentence.

Audit not enough to restore faith in EPA

It’s good to see at least one federal agency reviewing its own inappropriate actions.

Cinco fete should have more in English

Cinco de Mayo brought thousands of people to downtown Sunnyside this past weekend.

Finally time to nominate Trump

He may not be popular with the party establishment, but Donald Trump is winning over voters. As the last man standing, he’s also our pick as the Republican candidate for president.

Sunnyside, your Cinco de Mayo destination

The weekend’s best festival in the Yakima Valley is right here

There will be Cinco de Mayo festivities throughout the Yakima Valley this weekend. But the oldest and biggest is right here in Sunnyside.

Kennewick man issue needs laid to rest

It looks like the battle over Kennewick man’s remains have almost come to an end. And that means his remains, and the related controversy, could almost be ready to be laid to rest.

McKay is a good choice for our schools

It’s not too often a local school district gets the opportunity to hire one of its own to be superintendent.