Could state’s water trust hold the answer for irrigators?

Farmers are understandably concerned about the future of irrigation water in this state.

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Should Washington state accept Syrian refugees?

Improved security measures needed

The issue of illegal immigration has been festering in Eastern Washington for decades. But now, the issue of legal immigration poses a new dilemma.

Chamber of horrors?

Thank you Sunnyside City Councilman Jason Raines for pointing out what a sticky-wicket council has created for itself with the local chamber of commerce.

Is another federal land grab necessary to honor Hanford?

The announcement yesterday that Hanford will be part of the Manhattan Project National Historical Park is a good thing in that it ensures preservation of the site.

Lower Valley remembers our military

Several Veterans Day observances scheduled

Wednesday is Veterans Day.

School, hospital expansion good for Sunnyside

In a matter of hours last Thursday, Sunnyside’s landscape was forever altered.

For a sixth time ... yes on I-1366

Want to hold state lawmakers’ collective feet to the fire to reform Washington’s sales tax system? That’s in essence the question Initiative 1366 presents to voters next Tuesday, Nov. 3.

Inslee wrong on cougar hunt decision

The domino theory derailed U.S. foreign policy in the 1960s. Now, it’s apparently gotten our state’s cougar policy off track.

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Protect your teenagers when they’re behind the wheel

According to the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens and young adults.

Proceed cautiously in approving more overtime pay for cops

Sunnyside Police Chief Al Escalera is asking the city council for permission to double the amount of money his department currently spends on overtime pay. A total of $125,000 was set aside this year to pay local police officers for overtime.

We want to hear from you, our readers

We’re about to restart our online experiment. We’re about to resume allowing comments on our stories, photographs, polls, obituaries and more.

Transparency is number one

The AP Stylebook says back yard can be one word, as in “backyard.”

YES vote will help keep Sunnyside on the ‘grow’

The city of Sunnyside is growing – both population-wise and from an economic standpoint. Local citizens, beginning this week, have the opportunity to help ensure the community is prepared for continued growth.