Publicly disclose funding sources

If you saw the money that passes to elected officials out of the public eye you’d be surprised.

S.B. 6091 fails to resolve well issue

West of the Cascades, urban Democrats are patting themselves on the back for their effort to correct the state Supreme Court’s Hirst decision, which essentially halted rural residents from drilling wells.

Lawmakers return to Olympia

The Washington State Legislature’s 2018 session will open at 10 a.m. Monday. We suggest you do your best to keep abreast of what happens there.

Gov. Inslee sees chance to impose carbon tax

With Democrats taking control in Olympia in just a few days, it’s not surprising to see a new carbon tax proposal coming from the governor’s mansion.

Grizzly bear relocation plan halt a good move

The Trump Administration has done what Eastern Washington residents and lawmakers have been unable to do here — halt a plan to move grizzly bears into the North Cascades.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Look about you. There are signs of Christmas everywhere. There is excitement for the kids because of the coming visit of Santa Claus.

Again, gun measures go too far

They haven’t even been seated in Olympia yet for the upcoming legislative session and already anti-gun lawmakers are taking aim at firearm-owning residents. And with the House, Senate and Governor’s Office all in the hands of liberal Democrats, rural residents should be very concerned about the upcoming session.

Monitor a child’s social media

On Monday, schools in Grandview were locked down because of a threat a 13-year-old boy made on social media. And while the child should certainly be held responsible for his own actions, the incident begs the question, “Where were his parents?”

Legacies should be downsized

Our nation’s founding forefathers believed very strongly that the king shouldn’t hold title to large tracts of land. And as our country came into being, one of our core principles was restricted government ownership.

Come celebrate the farm

It’s finally here – the weekend all of Sunnyside looks forward to all year – the annual Sunnyside Lighted Farm Implement Parade weekend.

Forget the box stores, shop local

Now that the door-busters are over at the big box stores — you know, the ones where you drive to the Tri-Cities to buy yourself a new TV for Christmas — it’s time to start thinking shopping in local mom-and-pop shops.

Holiday isn’t about shopping or phones

Everywhere you go today, you’ll notice people flipping through the newspaper and scanning the Internet for Christmas deals. Although merchandise isn’t yet available for Black Friday, the Christmas shopping season is well under way.

‘Made in America’ to open forests

For years now, extreme environmental groups have had more than their say in limiting access to publicly owned forests and other lands managed by federal agencies.

Take time to honor veterans Saturday

Schools are closed today. Banks and government offices, too.

Take time to watch athletes

Four Lower Yakima Valley high school teams will be displaying their athletic prowess this weekend in their quests for state titles.