Guest Commentary


House should do its job in Olympia

“Do your job” is heard from corporate boardrooms to family farms to successful sports teams. It’s both a rallying cry and a nod to individual accountability.

Newhouse, the adult in the room

Congressman Dan Newhouse and I don’t always have the same political opinions.

Entrepreneurs key to America

American entrepreneurs’ ability to invent, create and bring products and services to market makes our nation great. Their success generates the tax revenue which fund our schools and puts people to work.

Transgender cost: childhood

I know an 8-year-old boy who likes all sorts of reptiles. There is, however, one particular stuffed snake that collects dust in the corner of the toy room.

Level playing field for manufacturers

For years, the state has imposed increasingly stringent environmental regulations on manufacturers, producers and those doing business here.

The rural lifestyle will survive

Get this: More people are fleeing big cities for rural areas and some are doing so because they fear a major financial collapse is imminent.

With TSA, indignity is security price

It was probably worse for the Transportation Security Administration officer than it was for me.

Tease photo

End illegal Obamacare exemption

The House effort to repeal and replace Obamacare flamed out in spectacular fashion and leaders in Congress seem content to move on to other issues.

Protecting those who protect us

“It comes with the job” is a phrase many of us know. Usually, it refers to a hazardous condition or inherent downside that people who go into a certain line of work take as a given condition of employment.

Driver-less technology good for our state

PACCAR’s recent announcement it is teaming with computer chipmaker Nvidia to build driver-less trucks is good for Washington.

What of Hillary’s Russia connection?

Wait. Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak also met with members of Hillary’s campaign?

Enviros quiet on raw sewage dump

As the ranking Republican on the House Environment Committee, I’ve sat through hours of testimony from environmental special interest groups.

A wee bit o’ St. Paddy’s humor

Thank goodness St. Patrick’s Day is upon us. Our country is in need of some Irish humor about now.

Priorities, price worth another look

In 2003, Democratic Gov. Gary Locke faced a 10 percent revenue hole in the state’s budget. He also stared at a sluggish economy reeling from the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Don’t laugh at wiretapping claim

Trump said, “wiretap.”