Remembering an old flame

The recent spate of house fires we’ve had in the Lower Valley stirs memories of an experience Joni and I had one winter while living in South Cle Elum.

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Congressional mailbag

As my time representing you in Congress winds down, I want to take this opportunity to provide answers to some questions that I have been hearing from my constituents.

There’s plenty of fine dining to be had right here

I usually don’t spend a lot of time in Mabton, but I had a chance last week to not only get down there for a city council meeting, but also to drop in at the Stop ‘n’ Go for dinner before the meeting started.

We need to change the way we elect our Supreme Court justices

When the 2014 election is certified, only one of the nine justices on the Washington State Supreme Court will be from Eastern Washington, Justice Debra Stephens.

Helping day... nothing like it

Windy looked out the window. A great day for helping.

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Up in smoke

I admit it: I feel sorry for cigarette and cigar smokers these days.

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Will the mid-term elections really bring about much change?

Did the elections held across the nation last week really mean that much?

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Winterize yourself

Brace yourself for the cold!

A man’s gotta grow something

Dewey Decker, that accident-prone neighbor of ours, is the undisputed Pharoah of Fertilizer, the Monarch of Manure. He has turned a shovel-ready business into a going concern, with the help of the woman of his dreams, Emily.

Holiday remembrances

The holidays are fast approaching, there is a brisk chill in the air and the colorful leaves are descending from their summer homes. Football is in full swing, and the aromas of this festive season are wafting through the stores reminding us of the wonderful family time to come.

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It’s okay, really

Back before there were pollsters to tell people how they felt about everything and everyone, the mood of the electorate could be judged by a loaf of bread. When the price was low, things were okay. I thought about that as I filled my gas tank on the north side of Phoenix and paid $2.79 per gallon.

Let’s stop changing clocks twice a year

I am not a fan of daylight saving time.

Newhouse is not a liar

I went to a Clint Didier rally early this month, covering the event as a reporter.

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Take the time to look at the 2015 city budget

The Sunnyside City Council to its credit is seeking your input on the budget it is drawing up for 2015.

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Halloween gauntlet for the bravest of the brave

To look at Herb Collins, you wouldn’t think he was like that. A nicer, kinder guy you never met. But for one evening each year … one little slice of time … he’s downright diabolical.