Guest Commentary


Higher standards expected

The role of any public figure, whether politician, government employee or the face of the local media, is important because all of these roles require the trust of the public.

Can I interest you in a snickerdoodle?

“You’re awfully quiet this morning, Steve,” Dud said to his buddy, the cowboy with the haystack mustache.

Sunnyside has its wild places

I grew up across the street from a horse pasture.

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Donald Trump’s circus act

Poor Jeb. He’s Donald Trump’s first Republican victim, but he won’t be his last.

Playing through

This week a dozen or so of our state legislators are engaged in a conflict over green.

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Let’s put Americans back in charge of their health care

President Obama confirmed the experience of many Americans with his signature health law last week when he noted that has been “…a well-­documented disaster.”

Let’s ditch the political correctness

Political correctness is a contradiction of reality and distortion of morality that necessitates relentless government intervention devised by those who seek to control our lives.

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World is more complicated than we usually think it is

The best laid plans often go wrong, because the world isn’t as predictable as we’d like to think.

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Death penalty is big government at its worst

Nebraska’s legislature recently made headlines when it ended the state’s death penalty. Many found it odd that a conservatives-dominated legislature would support ending capital punishment, since conservative politicians have traditionally supported the death penalty.

Deal or no deal?

By now you have probably heard at least some debate about trade promotion authority (TPA) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in Congress. Don’t get lost in all the acronyms.

Flag Day – 2015…Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes can be portrayed in many ways.

Must-have knick knacks

I’ve discovered the wonderful world of petty mail-order junk. I love it.

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Why run for office?

I spend a fair amount of time talking to students and other young people about Congress and politics in general, and I’ve noticed something. It used to be that I’d regularly get asked how one runs for office.

True colors?

“Orange Bell,” the label declared in large letters.

Granny Who... I’ll miss her

My husband’s grandmother, Helen Gjovaag, passed away this past Sunday afternoon.