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‘Frozen’ character shouldn’t be lesbian

Like most Catholic-schooled girls who grew up in the 1970s, I learned about sex by reading several dog-eared Jacqueline Susann novels.

Awakening of undercover boss

One of the highest rated television programs during Super Bowl Week last February was “Undercover Boss”.

Would Hillary open ‘X-Files’ to public?

According to a May 11 United Press International story, Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton promised a radio interviewer that, if elected, she would release government records related to Area 51.

Handmade cigars going up in smoke

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has got me smoking mad.

Help us save John Wayne trail

I am from Tekoa — population 843. We are your neighbors to the east.

Our growing rudeness and incivility

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, and people sure are rude these days.”

Prepare now for summer fires

It’s fire season here in the Pacific Northwest. But with all the sprinklers, green grape vines and clear air, you wouldn’t know it in the Yakima Valley.

Time to recognize farm contributions

Some say spring is the most wonderful time of the year in Washington — apple trees blossom, tulips bloom and colorful lentils carpet Palouse fields.

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Trump, the next Herbert Hoover?

One of them is a free trade-wary millionaire and political neophyte who locked up the Republican presidential nomination with promises to make America great and get the economy firing on all cylinders.

Second time is a charm for marriage

It’s a romance story more than 50 years in the making, and a reminder of the blessing of second chances.

Hope you enjoy our e-edition

For the past several weeks, our preliminary e-edition has been available online for free access as we worked out any possible “bugs” and prepared for a formal launch.

Presidential primary offers a voice for all

The goal of Washington’s elections community is civic engagement of our electorate.

Still waiting for a wise-use leader

The race is starting to shape up to replace Peter Goldmark as the elected state commissioner of public lands.

Needed this year: Some Will Rogers’ sanity

With incivility running high in our politics and society, we sure could use a dose of sanity from Will Rogers, one of America’s greatest humorists.

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U.S., Saudi relationship needs review

For decades the U.S. and Saudi Arabia have shared a peculiar relationship: the Saudis sell relatively cheap oil to the United States for which they accept our fiat currency.