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We should use domestic resources, not foreign

Recently, President Trump announced an executive order aimed at strengthening both America’s manufacturing sector and the supply chains that keep it running.

Americans proud to get dumber

A North Carolina man walks into a popular Washington D.C. pizzeria and opens fire, telling police upon his inevitable arrest that he came to “self-investigate” a widely debunked conspiracy theory involving former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Let Congress use ‘Obamacare’

Every presidential administration reaches a pivot point. Many observers thought Trump’s came when Anthony Scaramucci walked in the White House door. Others thought it came 10 days later when Scaramucci walked out the door.

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‘Deep state’ continues to undermine

A wild Washington, D.C., week that started July 21 when White House press secretary Sean Spicer resigned, and Anthony Scaramucci arrived (and was subsequently fired), ended July 28 with the Department of Homeland Security John F. Kelly’s appointment as President Trump’s Chief of Staff, replace outgoing Reince Priebus.

Illegal alien lawyer hires illegal alien lawyer

Lizbeth Mateo is an illegal alien who spends her days defending illegal aliens. Mateo says her goal as “preparing legal strategies to help undocumented immigrants stay in the country.”

Manufacturing tax relief needed

The Legislature took longer than anyone wanted to finish its priority project – the two-year state operating budget.

Republicans need to ‘start fixing’

OK, Republicans of the Senate, we get it.

Collect outstanding fines before licensing


When renewing my license, I asked if people who had unpaid fines were still allowed to renew. The answer was, “Yes.”

Senator holds up Trump nominee

President Trump promised to drain the D.C. swamp, and Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly once compared Capitol Hill’s deep state domestic politics to a cesspool.

Guinness beer caught in Brexit politics

When the Economist Magazine reported the price of a Guinness pint could increase because of Brexit, it grabbed readers’ attention.

Cultural chamber alive and well here

As a community member, local businessowner, and Sunnyside Cultural Chamber of Commerce volunteer, I would like to take this opportunity to correct the impression given by Mayor Jim Restucci in a recent article in The Daily Sun suggesting there currently is no chamber in Sunnyside.

Trump’s speech was his best yet

Donald Trump’s address in Warsaw on July 6 was his best as president.

Court strikes blow for religious liberty

Normally, the most notable part of a Supreme Court decision is not the dissent.

Why did Democrats oppose Kate’s Law?

Only in Washington, D.C. will you find politicians so wrapped up in themselves, their party, crazed ideology, or something — that they will not come together to pass legislation for the sake and safety of the American people.

Natural gas offers energy independence

In the last half century, Americans yearned for energy independence.