Guest Commentary


Online health care: Future is now

The world is changing a lot faster than people can comprehend. The old ways are changing.

It’s time for Democrats to get real

Democrats just lost another election, this time in Montana.

Our state could learn from Texas

In the last decade, there has been a highway construction boom in Texas.

Flour tortillas: From shadows to space

My son, Teddy, and I were having breakfast together last week when he mentioned that U.S. astronauts rely on flour tortillas in space.

Trump should reject climate accord

One of the central themes of President Donald Trump’s campaign was the need to extricate the United States from international agreements that hurt American jobs and unfairly disadvantage American companies versus foreign competitors.

Fed up with urban imperialism

Urban enviro-imperialism is a phrase I learned last Tuesday from Myron Ebell at our Washington Policy Center Solutions Summit. Although the term is new to me, its meaning has been a constant companion of mine growing up in rural America.

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Star Wars turns 40: Nostalgia, worry

“Seemingly yesterday, at a location just a couple of miles from my current home...”

Another impeachable offense

Forgive my frequent references to Richard Nixon. It’s just eerie how his impeachable behavior is being replicated by the current con man.

Protecting privacy in internet age

The rise of cloud computing is forcing policymakers to take a long overdue look at the limits of privacy in cyberspace, just how far the U.S. government can go in invading it and what the rules should to be.

Mothers are the key to all that’s good

I wish every child could be blessed to have a mother like mine.

Trump might not be the failure you thought

Ask the New York Times and they’ll tell you President Trump has been an abject failure in his first 100 days or so. Ask Trump and he’ll tell you he’s a “yuge” success.

Remembering Gov. Mike Lowry

There was nothing pretentious about Mike Lowry. What you saw is what you got.

Open borders means gang violence

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been busy fulfilling his commitment to removing criminal aliens.

Time to shutter Empire Builder

Last month, a Wall Street Journal editorial hit the nail on the head recommending Amtrak focus its limited funds on shorter, heavily traveled routes between Washington, D.C., and Boston.

Women, not men, carry purses

They won’t relent until every red-blooded American male is toting one.