Guest Commentary


Sellin’ it

You have to hand it to Windy. When Alphonse “Windy” Wilson chooses to speak, it is a bombastic sampling of creativity.

Tweet you later ...alligator

For years the drumbeat has sounded that the newspaper business has to change or fade away.

Tease photo

You Democrats...what about Congress?

Presidential candidates typically try to sell themselves as superheroes whose powers will magically cure our national ills.

Tired of watching our forest officials back down when bullied by extremists

It seems like every time an environmental group threatens the U.S. Forest Service, those officials being paid by our tax dollars back down.

Exercise your right to vote

The ballots are coming! The ballots are coming!

Thursday’s gathering great way to meet your neighborhood cop

Anyone paying attention to the national headlines knows there is a “war on cops.” Right?

Olympia has a spending problem…so vote YES on I-1366

This year’s Initiative 1366 should look familiar: voters have had a 22-year track record of overwhelmingly approving initiatives that make it tougher for Olympia to raise your taxes.

No reason to celebrate government’s push to control private farmland

In recent months, much ado has been made about sage grouse in Eastern Washington.

Do Grizzlies tweet?

Hmmm, I don’t know if Grizzlies tweet.

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Don’t get left high and dry

It’s time to start worrying about water. Past time, actually, but there is no time like the present.

Where is Queen Esther when we need her?

“Where do these people COME from?” millions of decent folk ask when a pharmaceutical company executive raises prices of a life-saving drug by 5,000 percent, or when a clergyman sweeps a widespread child molestation scandal under the rug or when a dictator executes a general for dozing during a meeting.

People rely on newspapers

Readers rely on newspapers more than they think.

Testing...1, 2, 3 (or bottom’s up)

Hey kids, be thankful your tests these days are the computer or paper and pencil kind.

I’m managing ‘your newspaper’

Newspapers are expected to be leaders in their communities. They’re expected to be watchdogs on government and nonprofit activities. And they’re expected to document life, no matter how good or bad.