Guest Commentary


National Newspaper Week: It’s personal

So, are you still writing for the paper?”

Tease photo

Revisionists erasing Columbus

“In fourteen hundred ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue...”

Send in the clowns

What’s all this business about scary clowns?

Journal: Growing up on farm healthy

Local activists must be scratching their heads in response to more science pointing to the respiratory benefits of children who grow up in rural environments – specifically on or near livestock farms.

Manage regulations efficiently

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce looked at the cost of regulations in America and found excessive regulations are undercutting our economy and costing us jobs.

The not-so-great debate last week

The Great Debate already seems weeks ago.

Total costs drive employer decisions

The $15 minimum wage is an example of elected officials with tunnel vision passing sweeping legislation while ignoring the cumulative impacts of all other government mandates on employers.

Millenials: Who is the worst?

There’s almost something poetic about watching the first presidential debate of 2016 in the city that midwifed American democracy.

Obamacare, not drug prices causing cost hike

President Obama promised he would bend the health care cost curve and he has — but in the wrong direction.

Here’s the other side of the coin

I hear city leaders constantly complain about the onus of dealing with public record requests. The whine to the legislature, to state agencies.

Scrap Columbia restoration act

Having lived around the U.S. and overseas, I’ve had ample opportunity to see — and sometimes recreate on — polluted rivers and waterways.

Beware, the health wars are upon us

We, the American People, should pat ourselves on the back for having survived a multitude of presidential battles this year.

Time to worry about a shutdown

Unfortunately, discussion over our skyrocketing national debt is only a footnote in the testy presidential campaign this year.

Union gets pay back for Inslee contribution

“About 30,000 Washington state workers would receive pay raises of roughly 6 percent,” Wednesday’s Associated Press story explained, “under a tentative deal struck Tuesday between state officials and union leaders.”

State’s cap-and-trade will cost

Cap and trade policies called by any other name are still cap and trade policies.