Letters to the Editor


Support Sunnyside School District levy


Over the years, our community has developed a unique partnership with our school district.

Law needed to allow impounding vehicles


The newspaper is doing the right thing by once again publishing police and court reports. It gives readers some of idea of what is going on.

Supports school levy


I am writing this letter of support for the Sunnyside School District Board of Directors Maintenance and Operation levy, which is to be voted on between now and Feb. 9, 2016.

Backs county clean air steps


Regarding the Daily Sun News editorial on Nov. 27: “Should we obey burning edict?”

Toy train support


We are so fortunate to have so much support from Sunnyside patrons who came to the 12th annual Toy Train Christmas at the Northern Pacific Railway Museum in Toppenish.

Historians will judge aerial strategy harshly


“Victory through air power” was one of the resounding slogans of the World War II era.

Library, Flower praised


Praise for fire department

I would like to commend the Sunnyside Fire Department emergency medical technician/ambulance crew.

Appreciates hunting photos


I want to commend the Daily Sun for posting pictures of kids with the game they have hunted.

Deer photos ‘disgusting’


I am really tired of opening this paper up to see the face of a dead animal staring at me.

Letter of thanks


Thank you, Sunnyside, for supporting our first annual “Scary Night at the Museum.”

Play a role in stopping animal killings

Washington voters have an opportunity to make an impact and contribute to a multi-faceted global effort to save animals threatened with extinction by voting Yes on I-1401.

Paint day support lauded


What a great day!

Better research called for


In Roger Harnack’s “On the Hot Seat” personal column on Wednesday, Oct. 14, about the Sage grouse and farmland, he made a small, but significant mistake.