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Opening weekend

Amariah Osborn, 16, of Sunnyside, bagged this 2x3 mule deer with one shot Sunday morning near Dayton.

Grandview offers Zumba

The city Parks and Recreation Department is offering ongoing Zumba classes in the Community Center.

Be prepared before you go

Know your hunting grounds

Whether you are hunting the backcountry or close to home, it is important to pack the essentials for survival.

Gearing up for the season

6.5 Creedmoor ammo popular this season

Having the correct ammunition, rifle, shot gun and supplies on hand is important for every successful hunt.

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Hunters preparing for opening weekend

Opening day is upon local hunters looking to bag deer and waterfowl.

Hunting opens Oct. 15

Some of Washington’s most popular hunting seasons will get under way Oct. 15, when hunters with modern firearms will take to the field for deer and waterfowl.

Hunting seasons on the horizon

Some of Washington’s most popular hunting seasons get under way this month, when hunters take to the field for deer, ducks, geese and other game birds.

Release punched fish

Columbia River anglers are required to release hatchery steelhead with a ¼-inch diameter hole punch in the upper lobe of the tail fin from Oct. 1-Dec. 6 from the U.S. Highway 395 bridge to the old Hanford townsite wooden powerline.

Hunting seasons to open

The biggest day of deer hunting is slated for Oct. 15 with the opening of modern firearms season.

Sheriff to close river

Salmon fishermen and other boaters will be prohibited from using a 400-yard stretch of the Columbia River on Wednesday and Thursday and again Oct. 3 and 4.

Winter lock schedule in effect

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has started its winter recreational vessel lock schedule.

Hunters application tracks deer

Powderhook and QDMA released the 2016 update to “Deer Tracker,” a popular free application that allows hunters to monitor deer activity and harvests in their neck of the woods and across the country.

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Send us your hunting photos

With the fall season under way, the Daily Sun News is looking for photos of successful hunts.

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