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Don’t leave animals in cars on hot days

I don’t really need to warn people about leaving pets in cars on these very warm days, do I?

My favorite Martian

There’s a Martian working for Yakima County, and what he does is really useful.

Sunnyside has its wild places

I grew up across the street from a horse pasture.

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World is more complicated than we usually think it is

The best laid plans often go wrong, because the world isn’t as predictable as we’d like to think.

Granny Who... I’ll miss her

My husband’s grandmother, Helen Gjovaag, passed away this past Sunday afternoon.

Let’s start small with local recycling effort

Recycling didn’t happen in Seattle overnight.

Reporters have opinions, too

When I entered Western Washington University many years ago to earn my college degree, I started out in the journalism department.

Have your say

We’re halfway through election filing week in the state of Washington.

Visit Sunnyside Library at new location

I visited the Sunnyside Library this past weekend in its new location downtown... and I was impressed.

Teachers are heroes

There was another school shooting this week, here in Washington state.

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Utility companies need to welcome solar power generation

It’s going to take a paradigm shift for solar power to reach its potential in this country.

Vaccination crackdown a move in the right direction

Spokane School District has booted 143 kids from classes after their parents failed to provide documentation that the children were vaccinated or are exempt from being vaccinated.

My escape from reality

I spent last weekend in Wonderland.

Let’s ditch the traffic lights

I really like the downtown improvements...maybe it’s time to spread some of it a little further?

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Dry times ahead?

I was born and raised in the greater Seattle area, with webbing between my fingers and toes, and moss growing on my north side.

Time for a time we can all stick with

Every year, particularly in the spring, I come to really hate Daylight Saving Time.

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Internet trickery ranges from dress colors to horror tales

I had the surreal experience of looking at a photo online last week and seeing it go from being a white dress with ugly gold trim to a blue dress with ugly brownish-black trim.

It’s soup and pie time again

It’s that time again!

Beware... scammers attempting to steal our IRS tax returns

As if it weren’t already a pain to file taxes every spring, there’s a new and obnoxious twist that means people need to file their taxes as soon as possible.

Parents: please, vaccinate your kids

I remember chicken pox. I remember how painfully itchy it was and how I sobbed and begged my mom to make it go away.

Time for businesses to get rolling downtown

Now that the renovations to downtown streets are pretty much finished, I think we need some new businesses to open.

Pets: good for the soul

Three years ago I got an unexpected birthday present when Inkwell the kitten came into my life.

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Freedom of the press paid for in blood

I don’t blame you if you’ve never heard of Kirby Delauter.

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Online words stick around a long time

Recently I ran across something I had written online in 1994.

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I’m looking forward to a high tech future

It can be fun living in the future.

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Christmas is here to drive away the dark

The solstice was this past Sunday, marking the beginning of winter, but also the shortest day of the year.

Foundation of downtown Sunnyside is very solid

Downtown Sunnyside was amazing Saturday night.

Welcome to the police cam era

The Washington State Attorney General just issued an opinion on the legality of police officers wearing body cameras on their uniforms.

Lots to be thankful for this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a remarkable holiday, for all the right reasons.

There’s plenty of fine dining to be had right here

I usually don’t spend a lot of time in Mabton, but I had a chance last week to not only get down there for a city council meeting, but also to drop in at the Stop ‘n’ Go for dinner before the meeting started.

Let’s stop changing clocks twice a year

I am not a fan of daylight saving time.

Newhouse is not a liar

I went to a Clint Didier rally early this month, covering the event as a reporter.

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Flu a bigger threat to us than Ebola is

Are you scared of Ebola?

Look to your right: that car goes first

The “four-way stop of doom” at Yakima Valley Highway and 16th Street will be fixed soon, with new signal lights scheduled to be put up soon after the first of November.

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Changes are needed if solar power is ever going to be widely used here

The promotional materials for the Yakima Valley often say this area gets 300 days of sunshine a year.

Monday morning wake-up... gunfire?

This past Monday morning I woke up suddenly at 5:22 a.m. hearing what sounded to me like gunshots.

Light pollution

On a recent visit to the Goldendale Observatory, I was able to view the Milky Way Galaxy.

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Great start to school year here in Sunnyside

School started last week with hardly a ripple in Sunnyside, except for the traffic.

Pet owners are costing us all money

Mabton has been having “doggie round-ups,” collecting dogs running loose on the streets, on week nights and weekends.

Talking past each other is no way to solve a problem

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of covering many of the Lower Yakima Valley Groundwater Advisory Committee meetings this past year.

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Driving isn’t a right

I’ve seen some amazingly stupid driving the past few weeks.

At least do the least for your country

The same day Yakima County mailed out ballots for the Primary Election, Wednesday, July 16, a total of 47 of those ballots were returned by voters.

Congratulations are in order, today

My niece got married last Friday.

Don’t get blown away on the Fourth of July

As a nerd, I like statistics. I enjoy reading factual tidbits, including various reports released by the Washington State Patrol.

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Bridges, roads need a lot of work to become safe again

The recent closure of the Mabton Bridge to traffic over three tons should have locals waking up to a major problem.

Construction will be worth it in the end

It will be nice when the construction is done.

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‘Crowdfunding’ the future with solar roads?

Are we to the point now that normal people can fund projects that will change the future?

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Thinking metrically

I was one of those kids who did really well on standardized tests in school.

Purple Angels ready to walk come tomorrow

The Lower Valley Relay for Life starts tomorrow, and I don’t envy our team captains.

Contact the FCC to protect net neutrality

When you dial a phone number, you expect to get the person or business that you dialed promptly and generally without any major interference on the phone line.

Losing the lead is just fine with me

I’m not in the lead anymore.

If you are toking you are still breaking the law

Marijuana is still illegal.

Crash stats scary enough to keep me off the road

The Washington Traffic Safety Commission recently released its list of statistics from 2012.

Microlending: helping the world $25 at a time

I received an email Monday morning that told me I have about $12 in a special online account.

Happy Pi Day!

It’s March 14, better known to nerds like me as 3.14, which is the start of the value of the mathematical term π, also known as pi and pronounced the same as “pie.”

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I’m an Olympics widow

My husband is a huge Olympics fan, so I’ve spent the last two weeks sitting backseat to his watching all the events he can on TV.

An ode to February

February is the shortest month, so it’s only natural I always feel like it rushes by faster than any other month of the year.

Take responsibility

I’ve been a cat owner for two years.

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Vaccinations vital

An effort to eradicate polio in India has been wildly successful, and the World Health Organization is almost ready to declare the country free of the disease.

Don’t make life easy for car thieves

It can be tempting on a cold day to start up your car, then run into the house to stay comfortable while the car warms up.

¿Hablas español?

I don’t usually make serious New Year’s resolutions because I’m seldom able to keep them. But this year I’ve got a goal in mind that I think, based on a month’s worth of experience already, that I might be able to keep.

Commercialized Christmas is nothing new

The commercialization of Christmas isn’t new.

Solstice: time to think about tourism

Tomorrow (Saturday) is the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year.

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Winning brings us closer together

When it comes to sports, I’m a hopeless case.

Let holiday season begin!

The true holiday season doesn’t start until Thanksgiving, in my book.

Let’s paint the town

Wouldn’t it be nice to see downtown Sunnyside lit up and decorated for the Lighted Farm Implement Parade?

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Some of our kids throw away what girl in Pakistan nearly died to get

Many students don’t like going to school. “It’s boring,” they claim. “It’s too hard,” say others. “What’s the point?” some ask.

There’s a dutiful Day in the neighborhood

Sunnyside's new city manager is a person regular citizens have access to.

National bake-off pays dividends at our local office

The Daily Sun News office recently had a bit of exciting news that made many of us dance for joy.

I-522 isn’t the solution to food labeling questions

I’m not a big fan of initiative 522.

Finding a fitting chief

Today, City Manager Don Day is interviewing candidates to be the new Sunnyside police chief.

Infrastructure should be government’s top priority

How many bridges must fall, how many dams must fail and how many people must die before we wake up and realize that a major investment in the infrastructure of our country is vital?

Citizenship comes with duties

I’ve been summoned to jury duty three times now.

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Legal doesn’t mean it’s safe

This one is for the children of Sunnyside.

Too hot, too hot...

On the west side of the Cascades, very few homes have air conditioning because the expense isn't justified by the three or four days a year the units might be necessary.

My vacation over the rainbow had a happy twist this year

Ah, vacation! For me this year it was a moderately long road trip down to California to attend an annual convention.

One of city’s gems being neglected

The community center is filthy.

Putting it bluntly...obnoxious behavior reigned at Mabton graduation ceremony

In the past week I attended two very different events and was struck by the contrast between the crowds at both.

Stories worth hearing are told at Relay for Life

Stories worth hearing are told at Relay for Life

Poverty has more impact on IQ scores than genetics

Poverty has more impact on IQ scores than genetics

Athletes need to learn how to fail gracefully

Athletes need to learn how to fail gracefully

Why does feedlot acreage go unused?

Why does feedlot acreage go unused?

Genderless laws: Noble idea gone too far

The state of Washington just finished a six-year effort to remove gender specific language from all state laws and statutes.

Concert promises to be an entertaining night of fun

Concert promises to be an entertaining night of fun

April teeters on the edge of spring

April teeters on the edge of spring

Kudos to the chief

Kudos to the chief

The lives of today's youth are documented on the internet

The lives of today's youth are documented on the internet

A Lenten tradition I've come to appreciate

A Lenten tradition I've come to appreciate

Civil discourse sadly absent online

Civil discourse sadly absent online

Skills center expands options for youth

Skills center expands options for youth

Farm fresh

Farm fresh

Internet lies

I met my husband online.

Resolve to spend money locally in 2013

Well, here we are, in the new year.

Dairy cliff is looming

So, will milk prices really double next month thanks to our do-nothing Congress failing to pass a farm bill?

Take a moment to hit the pause button this Christmas

If you are reading this there's a very good chance the predicted apocalypse didn't happen...

Budget process has been painful...but transparent

Budget process has been painful...but transparent

Career fair a great opportunity to learn

Career fair a great opportunity to learn


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