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Unifying holiday of Independence Day is the time to celebrate your freedom with friends and neighbors

Families will be gathered for barbecues, parades and fireworks tomorrow, our nation’s birthday.

Higher standards expected

The role of any public figure, whether politician, government employee or the face of the local media, is important because all of these roles require the trust of the public.

Not an early riser

“Not a morning person doesn’t even begin to cover it.”

Bring on the rain

We received a little more than an inch of precipitation this past Wednesday and Thursday, which kept me thinking about our local farmers.

Temper tantrum among prisoners

At the beginning of the month I attended a Yakima County Commission meeting and learned several Yakima County Jail inmates had filed claims against the county, amounting to millions of dollars.

More time for people than for paperwork

Visiting schools on a regular basis, I was surprised earlier this week when I was made aware Sunnyside has a principal who has taken a different approach from others I have met.

Bidding farewell to my lifestyle

I have finally made the decision to throw the old notebook away so I can retire to a place where I won’t have to put up with people anymore.

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Keeping up with technology

A recent computer purchase has me both perplexed and happy with the changes in technology.

Four decades and counting

Tomorrow I turn 40. I have been contemplating that.

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Vaccines save lives

The recent measles outbreak in California didn’t have to happen.

Looking ahead anxiously to Christmas with my family

It’s hard to believe, but Christmas is nearly here.

Giving thanks for the season

Although yesterday was Thanksgiving, I can’t help but share how grateful I am with the people who have chosen to share their lives with me.

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In service to others

Some wear the title of “Christian” as a badge of honor, others wear it as a shield and a few live their lives as an example without boasting.

WEA is asking too much

I remember being in a classroom of 36 students when I was in elementary school. Somehow the teacher managed to educate each of us and meet our needs.

Gone in the blink of an eye

My heart has been heavy since hearing the devastating news that a good portion of my hometown was destroyed by a wildfire.

End of an era?

Last week I read a story detailing the impending closure of Yakima’s only record store, Off the Record.

Don’t miss out on next year’s fun

It’s an event that is planned a year in advance, bringing thrill-seeking visitors to the Sunnyside area from near and far.

Police officers going awry

It sickens me to hear about law enforcement or former law enforcement officials taking a turn toward criminal activity.

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The key is remembering your vows

For the past 15 years my husband and I have shared our lives together.

Common sense lacking in this world

I have been accused of lacking common sense, but it seems to me I have more common sense than others.

Vacation is a chance to feel young again

I recently spent a week in Oregon, visiting my mother and several friends.

Changes underway

Sunnyside motorists traveling to and fro, who typically traverse South Sixth Street to get from one destination to another have inevitably noticed their route of travel has become a construction zone.

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We should be worried

I remember the USSR and I remember the fear I felt as a child because of the cold war.

Nickel-and-dimed at every turn

It seems everywhere we turn we are charged a small fee for using the tools that are meant to secure payment for goods or services rendered.

We all have those kind of weeks

We have all experienced life’s ups and downs. Sometimes we feel we have been knocked off our feet, but we know we can’t give up.

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Grammy Awards not my cup of tea

I don’t always agree with others, but I can appreciate those who stand up for what they believe in.

New life instills sense of hope in all of us

The birth of a baby always seems to bring a sense of joy, wonderment and hope to the lives of others. Yesterday, our office was filled with smiles at the news that a baby girl came into this world, joining the Wise family.

New beginnings can start with the New Year

I think one of the reasons we celebrate the New Year with revelry is the feeling of hope that is brought upon us during this season.

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Gift of reading lasts a lifetime

I love books and I especially enjoy receiving books as gifts. I even occasionally like to revisit books I haven’t read in a long time.

Holidays are here

I can hardly believe the holidays are here already. Tomorrow, families will be celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas is less than a month away. It seems time has passed so quickly this year.

Ignorance is no excuse

I have always been a fan of education. Without learning more about the world around us we live in ignorance.

Making childhood memories

Halloween has come and gone.

Please don’t lie to me

I don’t know a single person who likes to learn they have been lied to.

A ward of the community

The most rewarding part of my job is sharing in the lives of the Daily Sun News readers.

Give credit where credit is due

Students attending high school now have advantages afforded them that I am certain many in my generation wish were available when we were in school.

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A familiar voice on the other end of the line

It’s always nice to hear a familiar voice on the other end of the phone line. Hearing that voice when you least expect it is an added bonus.

It’s never too late to show you care

Earlier this week I read a heart-touching story about a 92-year-old woman adopting a 71-year-old woman who has since her teens been a part of the older woman’s family.

Role of a journalist is not always easy

This week the news staff at the Daily Sun News was asked to read a trade journal article written about the firing of a freelance writer who spoke out during a public meeting.

Our future in good hands

On almost a daily basis I get to come in contact with students from throughout the Lower Yakima Valley.

History teaches us many lessons

Having not grown up in the Yakima Valley or Washington state, I am not as familiar with events throughout the state's history as I am with California and the Gold Rush.

Three women give hope to families

The discovery of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight earlier this week brings hope to many families across the nation, who are still looking for their missing children.

Don't give up!

I can't help it. I am so proud of myself for conquering that hill.

What's good for Zillah is good for the Valley

The news that Zillah science teacher Jeff Charbonneau was named the top educator in the country is something for the Yakima Valley to embrace.

United we stand

People from all over the U.S. are supporting the city of Boston and those who were injured or killed at Monday's Boston Marathon, through prayers and kind deeds.

Softer times in America

Americans are growing soft.

It was a team effort

The Grandview High School boys swim team had an amazing first year, having qualified to compete at the State meet in Federal Way.

Let the healing begin

When something as dramatic as an individual in a key city position like deputy police chief is allegedly dismissed by the city manager, you bet the news will travel like wildfire.

Fishy prices

If you've ever watched chefs Gordon Ramsey and Robert Irvine on the television shows Kitchen Nightmares and Restaurant Impossible, you know these two experts insist that quality food, reasonable prices and good service are the basis of a successful restaurant venture.

Celebrate your life

A couple of evenings ago I attended the annual Lower Valley Relay for Life kick-off event, and organizers decorated the venue as though those attending were at a birthday party.

Do the math

It seems there has been some confusion since the Sunnyside City Council was provided the utility tax rates for neighboring communities.

Brace yourself, America!

No matter how partisan a person is, it seems no one is looking forward to falling off the "fiscal cliff."

Christmas conjures up fond memories

Each Christmas families gather together to create memories.

Follow the lead of local alpaca owners

Members of the community, especially those living outside city limits, now have an avenue for sharing information regarding stray dogs and attacks on livestock. option for Library Friends

As an buyer the last thing I anticipate when purchasing an item is that it is going to have been something that originated from right here in the Yakima Valley.


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