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Travel Buddy by Julia Hart

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Spring yard work is calling......NOT

I had nearly given up on spring’s arrival this year when it burst forth with all the dandelions I can possibly wish for. It is not that I am a fan of the sunny little weed, but its arrival reminds me that I need to tie on my yard shoes and finally uncover the flower and garden beds in my otherwise ugly yard.

A new beginning

I’ve always dreaded going to community meetings, fearing more negatives and fewer positives will be brought forth during hours and hours of repetitive discussion.

Get ready, Grandma is ready to clean

Having a teenage boy around the house is a tidy person’s nightmare.

What’s your hurry?

I like taking South 16th Street past the Sunnyside schools on my way home on most afternoons.

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Buddy could be a snow champ

I must admit I love snow - in the hills, on the lawn, in the fields – everywhere except on the sidewalks and streets.

Chances are Buddy probably never will be an ambassador of goodwill

When interviewing foreign exchange students I always hope that I do not come off as the “Ugly American.”

Buddy’s new playmate a calming influence

Learning to play nice with others has been a difficult road for Buddy. It is not that he wants to fight particularly, but he does appear to want to argue a lot. And he always wants to be right.

Destined to be a dropout

I may have mentioned on occasion that my Yorkshire terrier, Buddy, while adorable, is a bit of a terror.

Volunteering ultimate exercise in democracy

There are so many things in life which are simply not fair. For example, it is not fair that Buddy, who is so very clever, can’t open the front door so he can go outside by himself.

Holiday exercise...Buddy style

I don’t think Buddy knows a doggone thing about how to enjoy holiday food. He nibbles at his kibbles one piece at a time, while others in our house, like me, gobble two or three cookies at a time.

Buddy barks out thanks to all the window decorators

During the past week it appears as though downtown Sunnyside has undergone a transformation.

Prepping Buddy for the holidays

I wouldn’t say my favorite canine friend is a fashion hound.

Doggie treats on parade night?

Buddy and I were discussing putting up a few Charlie Brown-type Christmas lights this year to celebrate his first holiday in the Hart household.

Do the speed limit, doggone it

Travel Buddy

Driving around town with Buddy attempting to hog the front seat is a bit of a challenge.

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Will the candidates who are prepared to lead please stand up?

Buddy and I were discussing the qualities of a good leader recently and came to a brief parting of the ways.

Buddy has the makings to be a great theatre critic

Travel Buddy

I love packing up Buddy and hopping in the car for quick little jaunts around the Lower Valley. He is always pointing out items of interest to me. He has a keen eye and notices everything. I know this because he barks whenever he finds some-thing of interest. As it turns out he barks a lot.

Buddy on high alert

Travel Buddy

Buddy is a dog - at least I think he is. Since arriving quite unexpectedly in my lap last May, the feisty, but happily rescued Yorkshire terrier has been a loyal, self-centered, demanding companion.


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