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Mabton officer completes training

After five months of training, Mabton Police Officer Josh L. Molinuex has graduated from the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Academy, according to Mabton Police Chief Ricardo Gutierrez.

Not getting enough sleep a dangerous thing

Think your spouse may be hitting you in his sleep? If so, you probably should consider sleeping on the living room sofa and in the morning make your bed partner an appointment for a sleep disorder test, suggests Dr. Brian Santiago, Sunnyside’s expert on sleep health.

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More time for moratoriums

State delays marijuana applications for cities imposing bans

Even as county and city governments struggle to deal with the legalization of marijuana and its impact on businesses and law enforcement agencies, non-profit organizations, like Sunnyside United, are wading through murky waters dealing with the impact I-502 may have on the youth in their communities.

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Iraqi war vet shares journey towards spiritual growth

PROSSER – The women attending the monthly meeting of the Lower Valley Christian Women’s Connection expecting to hear a war veteran speak about the horrors of war, received instead a testimony about spiritual protection.

Remember your pets have feelings, too

So most of you know that April 11 was National Pet Day, right?

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Airport board continues to examine city ordinance draft

Not wanting to make the city ordinance too restrictive while protecting the city from potential liability, the Sunnyside Municipal Airport Advisory Board continued its examination of Title 14, a proposed city ordinance governing the airport management during its meeting held last night, Tuesday.

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Sunnyside woman makes selling apples full-time career

What started out as door-to-door candied apple sales has become something of a miracle for Anna Garza, the founder of Mom’s Candied and Caramel Apples of Sunnyside.

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Grandview School Board weighs options for high school construction

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to deciding whether to issue a bond levy or a capital funding levy, as the Grandview School Board learned last night, Monday, at its regular meeting.

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Former teacher leads effort to provide clothing to school children

As a former teacher, Joanne Vining knows too well that little kids have accidents at school causing them to need a quick change of clothing.

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Drinking from the trophy bowl

It’s a longstanding tradition for Sunnyside High School’s state science fair winners bringing home the coveted traveling trophy to celebrate with giant root beer floats. Nobody says the creamy confection can’t be enjoyed directly from the trophy itself.

Rare outage affects 9-1-1 lines statewide

The 9-1-1 emergency line suffered from outages this morning, Thursday, across Washington state, starting at about 1 a.m. Service was completely restored before 8 a.m., according to officials from Centurylink, the company responsible for maintaining the lines.

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World traveler now practicing medicine in Sunnyside

Listening to Dr. Lincoln Westfall, D.O. talk about his journey to Sunnyside is like listening to an international travelogue interspersed with multiple medical adventures and romance.

Downtown still a go for Cinco de Mayo

Yes, there will be a Cinco de Mayo street fair and yes, it will be held on South Sixth Street, between Decatur and Franklin avenues...

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‘Purple Angels’ on board in local fight against cancer

The loss of a long time co-worker and valued friend is hard on any business office, but to lose two such individuals within eight months of each other has been extremely tough on the staff at Sunnyside’s Daily Sun News.

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Middle schooler’s ‘Yummy Tummy’ project helped youngsters stay fed over spring break

The desire to help feed the hungry in her community led Mabton Middle School seventh grader Jessica Gorman to seek a $500 grant to be spent on groceries.

Spring yard work is calling......NOT

I had nearly given up on spring’s arrival this year when it burst forth with all the dandelions I can possibly wish for. It is not that I am a fan of the sunny little weed, but its arrival reminds me that I need to tie on my yard shoes and finally uncover the flower and garden beds in my otherwise ugly yard.

A new beginning

I’ve always dreaded going to community meetings, fearing more negatives and fewer positives will be brought forth during hours and hours of repetitive discussion.

CEO lauds recent improvements at hospital

After two years as its chief executive officer, Sunnyside Community Hospital’s John Gallagher had a good report to give the Sunnyside Daybreak Rotarians this past Wednesday morning.

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Lines of communication appear open in Sunnyside

Sunnyside’s first town hall meeting under the city’s new administrative leadership was well attended last night and generated a lot of comments and uncomfortable questions.

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Longer airport runway under review

To widen the runway or extend the runway, those are among the choices the Sunnyside Municipal Airport Advisory Board will be making in the next several months.

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‘Chico’ retiring end of this month

A familiar face on the streets of Sunnyside for more than 28 years, Sunnyside Police Officer Severiano “Chico” Rodriquez is ready to turn in his shield and the keys to his black and white cruiser.

Family matriarch’s 100th birthday open house celebration later this week

Benita Esqueda will celebrate 100 years of life this coming Friday at an open house hosted by her family.

Keeping cows happy is goal #1 on local dairies

Think about this - the 91 dairy operations in the Yakima Valley produce 20 million glasses of milk per day.

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Gearing up for the fair

Get ready to “Flock to the Fair.” That is the message being promoted by the Yakima Valley Fair and Rodeo Foundation Board.

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Region’s top principal employed in Sunnyside

Sunnyside’s Kris Diddens is surrounded by children all day long as the lead administrator of Sunnyside’s Pioneer Elementary School. It’s a job she loves and her passion for her position has led to her being named a Washington State Regional Distinguished Principal for 2014.

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Professional driver offers carefree transportation options

Dressed in the classic black and white garb favored by professional drivers, Cindy Tucker offers a special and much needed service in the Lower Valley.

Get ready, Grandma is ready to clean

Having a teenage boy around the house is a tidy person’s nightmare.

What’s your hurry?

I like taking South 16th Street past the Sunnyside schools on my way home on most afternoons.

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Local International Women’s Day event focuses on progress for all

For the women learning English as a second language, the words of United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon resonate with a sense of hope.

New park may be named for community youth activist

Well, at least the new soccer field on Homer Street won’t be called Simpson.

Cambodian mission proves worthwhile for former Sunnyside exchange student

Her travels as a Rotary exchange student may have been the experience that prepared former Sunnysider Emily Shuttleworth for worldwide adventures, but it was a recent mission project that has set her sights on her future life course.

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Teachers, athletes honored at school board meeting

The hard work of teachers and students was honored last week at the monthly meeting of the Sunnyside School Board.

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Sunnyside Christian student top winner in SHS’s science fair

Excitement unrelated to the pending program opened the Sunnyside High School science fair awards ceremonies last night (Monday).

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Long time city hall clerk retires

After 30 years of greeting Sunnyside residents visiting city hall to pay their utility bills, Shirley Stredwick has decided she is due for a rest.

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End-of-year cash reserves need boosting

Trying to pay a $300,000 insurance payment with only $96,000 in your general fund is not the way to start the new year.

School board OK’s plan for gifted students

All parents believe their children are above average, but in truth fewer than 3 percent of all children are truly gifted, said Cody Gardner, director of special education programs in the Sunnyside School District.

Chinese exchange student finds fresh air...refreshing

Coming from a Chinese school of 10,000 students to Sunnyside High School with an enrollment of a little over 1,600 has been quite a change for International Exchange Student program participant Wei Ximu.

Five local businesses cited on charges of selling booze to minors

Five Sunnyside businesses were cited for serving alcohol to minors last week, as a part of a city-wide alcohol compliance check.

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Local stroke survivor seeks to create awareness

The day that changed her life, Linda Craig remembers having woken up feeling “funny.”

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Sharing cash all a part of Dairy Ambassador’s visit

February is turning out to be a busy month for Katie Hutchins. The Yakima Valley Dairy Ambassador not only is making a number of personal appearances at the high school district and state championship contests, she is busy promoting dairy products locally.

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First year MHS dance team qualifies for Districts

The Mabton High School Dance Team, after just one year of dance team competition, has qualified for the Dance/Drill Districts to be held March 15, at Pasco High School.

Yakima facility offers end of life comfort for Hospice patients

Carol Louden of Yakima became aware of a need for a quality hospice care facility when her son-in-law was suffering from a terminal disease.

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Buddy could be a snow champ

I must admit I love snow - in the hills, on the lawn, in the fields – everywhere except on the sidewalks and streets.

Local man sells the art of photography

Obbie Cruz has been practicing the art of photography since he was a boy in Hidalgo, Mexico.

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Funeral home intern knows importance of listening to her clients

Despite the often asked question about working with those who have passed on, Teresa Smith says she enjoys her career as an intern funeral director.

Chances are Buddy probably never will be an ambassador of goodwill

When interviewing foreign exchange students I always hope that I do not come off as the “Ugly American.”

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Roofing bid for port project goes to Union Gap company

Monday night’s Port of Sunnyside meeting was an occasion for port commissioners to deal with a few housekeeping matters, namely the awarding of a bid for a new roof for the East Edison Avenue port administration building.

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Attendance down at local Point in Time homeless count

Thursday found Lower Valley emergency service providers wondering where the homeless people were.

Buddy’s new playmate a calming influence

Learning to play nice with others has been a difficult road for Buddy. It is not that he wants to fight particularly, but he does appear to want to argue a lot. And he always wants to be right.

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China - a country of contrasts

Everything you’ve heard about China is true, according to Steve Hiatt of Prosser.