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Sunnyside United urged to take hard look at local e-cigarette sales

Like the cigarette advertising campaigns of the 1950s, the latest campaign to promote nicotine use is portraying the use of electronic cigarettes as sexy and liberating.

Local Rainier crop sustains some damage

Some cherry growers in the area were hit hard by rains over the weekend that resulted in bruised fruit and damaged trees.

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Use a little imagination for summer fun

The first day of summer is still a week away, but for Sunnyside School District kids, at least, summer began this past Wednesday.

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Sunnyside gardener takes pride in keeping his yard neat

Most people might not choose a color scheme of pink and bright orange as a landscape palette, but Sunnyside’s Dick Berk of Merrick Avenue has made the color combination work for him for years.

Promoting healthy life options is Sunnyside center’s goal

Convincing people to go in for cancer screenings is the biggest part of Nathanael Marchello’s job as a community health promoter for the Center for Community Health Promotions.

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Alder Creek Pioneer Picnic and Rodeo June 13-15

CLEVELAND – It’s time to make plans to attend the state’s oldest continuous running rodeo and community picnic.

New roles for Grandview duo

They have worked side by side for the past nine years, he as the Grandview Compass High School’s administrator and she as the school’s business education instructor.

We’re sending our boy home

Nine months ago my daughter Sarah announced on Facebook that she was going to give me another grandchild.

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Underground trenching leads to million-year-old find

When the Columbian mammoths roamed the Pacific Northwest more than 11,000 years ago, there were no hi-rises blocking the horizon.

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Former priest new community relations manager at Grandview’s Orchard House retirement center

Saying his current job is a different type of pastoring, Phil Cioppa of Sunnyside is excited about his work at Orchard House, a senior assisted living community in Grandview.

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One peg at a time

“Fifteen for two, and a run of three for three for a score of five” was just one way to count scores at the annual Washington Elementary School Cribbage Tournament held last Friday.

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Arts Commission tackles ‘Challenge Coin’ project

With a mission of actively encouraging programs for cultural enrichment in the community, the Sunnyside Arts Commission has selected one project it will give its immediate focus.

Design and promotions committees formed by Sunnyside Main Street project organizers

Sue Jetter of the Downtown Improvement Group shared good news with the Sunnyside Arts Commission last night that two of the initial four committees for the Sunnyside Main Street project have been formed.

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Old fire siren retired in style

The old Sunnyside Fire Department siren will now take its place as a memorial to its heyday.

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DIG Sunnyside...efforts underway to revitalize downtown

Looking at downtown Sunnyside today, it is hard to imagine main street bustling with retail shops and the sidewalks lined with a constant stream of shoppers.

Prayer and exercise top speaker’s lists of cures

What would it be like to suffer from depression every day for three months straight? Pretty awful, according to De Ann Chambers, a personal fitness coach.

City manager tells Rotarians Sunnyside needs its own identity

Did you know that there are only two signs on I-82 denoting where Sunnyside is?

Bronze Pathway tradition needs to be revived

I’ve finally realized why my Yorkie, Buddy and I get along so well.

Local woman credits Soroptimists with helping her to reach her business goal

Set to graduate later this month from Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelor of Science in business administration with an emphasis on international management, Sunnyside native Kathleen Dolan gives Soroptimist International of the Lower Valley the credit for her decision to pursue a career in business.

Regional scholarship recipient closer to achieving her dream

GRANDVIEW – On the road to earning a college degree, Carmen Perez of Grandview has had a few setbacks, but that hasn’t kept the young mother of three from pursuing her dream.

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Farmers market to open May 17 downtown

After a year of hosting the Sunnyside Farmers Market, Sunnyside Transformation Yakima Valley, the local sponsor, and its farmers market board of directors decided to call in help to evaluate the past season’s successes and failures.

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Lunches passing with critical lunch crowd

Sure a lot of food gets thrown in the trash can following the lunch at area schools, but according to Yvonne Ramirez, Sunnyside School District food services director, more food is also making its way into the stomachs of Sunnyside students.

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Soroptimist scholarships given to future community leaders

From dreams of pursuing careers in medicine and theater to plans to major in business administration, the five young women awarded Soroptimist International of Lower Yakima Valley scholarships are now a little more financially secure in their higher education goals.

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Once a Head Start student, now program coordinator

Javier Rios’ first memories of his education involve attending classes at the local Head Start center as a preschooler.

Therapist uses humor to manage job stress

Did you know that your lungs are the heaviest organ in your body?

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Homeless numbers down

YAKIMA – The results of the Yakima County Point in Time homeless survey are in and the results show a county wide 12.6 percent decrease from last year’s homeless numbers, according to Tim Sullivan of the Homeless Network of Yakima County.

Ag-forestry program takes leadership skills to the next level for biosolids coordinator

As a biosolids coordinator for Natural Selection Farms of Sunnyside, Brian Campbell is already vested in working with agricultural strategies.

Student learns about upcoming changes to city landscape

Mabton High School student Naida Gusby came to last night’s Mabton City Council meeting offering her help as a part of her senior class project.

Sunday driving is still a very pleasant pastime

Do people, even with the price of gas so high, still take Sunday afternoon drives? Do they still pack up the kids with a half a loaf of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a jug of cold tap water for a picnic lunch, then point the car south and just get out of Dodge?

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Youth, city to join forces for annual clean-up in Mabton Saturday, May 3

In an effort to foster goodwill between the Mabton School District and Mabton City Hall, this year’s “Free Dump Day” will see more Mabton youth out on the street picking up trash as part of the annual clean-up.

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Open for business... but customers lacking

Maybe this year, April was not a good time to consider opening a new store in downtown Sunnyside.

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Sunnyside coffee diva makes positive changes to attract new clientele

Promoting itself as a place for breakfast or a venue for a business meeting, Divas Coffee of Sunnyside is hoping to generate more interest in the small coffee shop, located at 1314 Yakima Valley Highway.

Vets’ project earns SHS junior county youth award

Anthony Chavez’s idea to raise money for the national Wounded Warrior project has earned the Sunnyside High School junior county-wide honors.

Parents continue to believe alcohol, marijuana use threaten their children

It’s been weeks since the Sunnyside United Community Survey was completed, but the results of the survey show some interesting findings.

Not getting enough sleep a dangerous thing

Think your spouse may be hitting you in his sleep? If so, you probably should consider sleeping on the living room sofa and in the morning make your bed partner an appointment for a sleep disorder test, suggests Dr. Brian Santiago, Sunnyside’s expert on sleep health.

Mabton officer completes training

After five months of training, Mabton Police Officer Josh L. Molinuex has graduated from the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Academy, according to Mabton Police Chief Ricardo Gutierrez.

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More time for moratoriums

State delays marijuana applications for cities imposing bans

Even as county and city governments struggle to deal with the legalization of marijuana and its impact on businesses and law enforcement agencies, non-profit organizations, like Sunnyside United, are wading through murky waters dealing with the impact I-502 may have on the youth in their communities.

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Iraqi war vet shares journey towards spiritual growth

PROSSER – The women attending the monthly meeting of the Lower Valley Christian Women’s Connection expecting to hear a war veteran speak about the horrors of war, received instead a testimony about spiritual protection.

Remember your pets have feelings, too

So most of you know that April 11 was National Pet Day, right?

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Airport board continues to examine city ordinance draft

Not wanting to make the city ordinance too restrictive while protecting the city from potential liability, the Sunnyside Municipal Airport Advisory Board continued its examination of Title 14, a proposed city ordinance governing the airport management during its meeting held last night, Tuesday.

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Sunnyside woman makes selling apples full-time career

What started out as door-to-door candied apple sales has become something of a miracle for Anna Garza, the founder of Mom’s Candied and Caramel Apples of Sunnyside.

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Former teacher leads effort to provide clothing to school children

As a former teacher, Joanne Vining knows too well that little kids have accidents at school causing them to need a quick change of clothing.

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Grandview School Board weighs options for high school construction

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to deciding whether to issue a bond levy or a capital funding levy, as the Grandview School Board learned last night, Monday, at its regular meeting.

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Drinking from the trophy bowl

It’s a longstanding tradition for Sunnyside High School’s state science fair winners bringing home the coveted traveling trophy to celebrate with giant root beer floats. Nobody says the creamy confection can’t be enjoyed directly from the trophy itself.

Rare outage affects 9-1-1 lines statewide

The 9-1-1 emergency line suffered from outages this morning, Thursday, across Washington state, starting at about 1 a.m. Service was completely restored before 8 a.m., according to officials from Centurylink, the company responsible for maintaining the lines.

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World traveler now practicing medicine in Sunnyside

Listening to Dr. Lincoln Westfall, D.O. talk about his journey to Sunnyside is like listening to an international travelogue interspersed with multiple medical adventures and romance.

Downtown still a go for Cinco de Mayo

Yes, there will be a Cinco de Mayo street fair and yes, it will be held on South Sixth Street, between Decatur and Franklin avenues...

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‘Purple Angels’ on board in local fight against cancer

The loss of a long time co-worker and valued friend is hard on any business office, but to lose two such individuals within eight months of each other has been extremely tough on the staff at Sunnyside’s Daily Sun News.

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Middle schooler’s ‘Yummy Tummy’ project helped youngsters stay fed over spring break

The desire to help feed the hungry in her community led Mabton Middle School seventh grader Jessica Gorman to seek a $500 grant to be spent on groceries.

Spring yard work is calling......NOT

I had nearly given up on spring’s arrival this year when it burst forth with all the dandelions I can possibly wish for. It is not that I am a fan of the sunny little weed, but its arrival reminds me that I need to tie on my yard shoes and finally uncover the flower and garden beds in my otherwise ugly yard.