akingskidd 3 months ago on Allowing marijuana sales in Sunnyside a very bad idea

Said perfectly! Thank you sir. I am praying for a spirit of 'common sense' to come from this city council.


akingskidd 3 months, 2 weeks ago on Public safety subcommittee against allowing marijuana sales in Sunnyside

It is so refreshing to see many in our community stepping forward and embracing a spirit of common sense when it comes to promoting a healthy environment for our city. To encourage the opportunity to purchase a drug that has more negative effects than positive ones by opening a store selling it in out city would not be in the best interest for our young people or adults. Let's be smart on this one and say "no" to it happening here in Sunnyside. Yakima and Grandview got it right so let's follow suit.


akingskidd 6 months, 3 weeks ago on Servant leadership

Excellent article Chad. Jerry was truly a man of God that exhibited the love, grace and mercy of Jesus in every area of his life. I had tremendous respect for him. He was not only a missionary but a visionary . He is walking the streets of Gold celebrating the presence of his King! THAT is Who he lived his life for.