grizzforlife 6 months, 2 weeks ago on SHOW TIME

Great Job Grizzlies!! This team sure deserves it! this is one of those instances that you can truly be proud of the girls that are representing our community and school. You hear all these horror stories about other teams with grade problems, players in detention or suspended, and just not representing their schools and communities well, yet still allowed to play. You cannot say that about this team! They are strong academically, very polite and courteous young ladies that have their priorities straight. Good job to the coaches teachers and administrators and especially the parents for towing the line and holding everyone accountable! Enjoy the ride and bring home the title. You can say the same thing about the wrestling team that placed really high at their state tournament. You are doing something right in Sunnyside, we are proud of you1


grizzforlife 10 months, 2 weeks ago on George Paulus Hall of Fame worthy

Well done and well deserved!! George Paulus gets it. As a former Grizzly, I am so proud of this man. Others in the coaching circle need to pick his brain. You can learn a lot about leadership, accountability, holding his staff and athletes accountable, and teaching his sport through motivation, discipline and technique. The icing on the cake will be the 2014 state championship. I am looking forward to watching the Grizzly wrestlers take a shot at capturing the title and with George at the helm, it gives them the best chance to get it. We'll be following the team!