icareaboutsside 4 years ago on Engaging parents in their child’s education comes with hefty price tag

I had a child graduated from SHS and often attended parent teacher conferences, I also heard my child's friends talking about teachers who showed a different face when they were in private with parents and even students, and another when in public or when other parents were present.I think that $30 or 60 dollars per student or family is small change for the school district. Maybe the group knows something about engaging people that the schools don't know. Other parents have been to meetings at school and they tell me that only three or five parents showed up, some of them have gone with me and volunteered to paint homes, our children attended the work expo and got a job last year and noticed more people at those events than those at parent meetings, the schools didn't get a job to my child.Teachers are well educated, some really care,others they make us feel like we don't have nothing to say to them because they are the teachers.


icareaboutsside 4 years ago on City Council questions chamber’s purpose while addressing funding request

Glad that council member Francisco Guerrero and Mayor Restucci raised questions about funding request from the chamber of commerce. At a time when the public is expecting better financial management of the public's money by local, state and federal government, it is vital that groups and people understand one basic point: if you want taxpayers (public) money, you must give an account for it and submit to scrutiny. For too long council has given a blank check to the chamber without an inquiry as to what the money is for, or question what the money is going to get for our city. A chamber's work is basically to promote town's businesses, do whatever it can to help them grow, and bring those businesses together to improve our city; organizing events is secondary. As for functioning as a Visitor's Information Center, I don't see many people's cars parked there, or people flocking to ask questions about our city, or lots of things being done to let people know the chamber is there to help them. The other question is: what does the chamber do to help local businesses on an ongoing basis, rather than just ribbon cutting at grand openings? Hooray for council members asking questions! Don't let up, our city needs your eyes and ears to make things better for ALL business people.