kimstandlee 4 years, 3 months ago on City budget nearly back on track

Oh Sunnysidefav, you drank the kool-aid or you are Don Vlieger. Same story. The half truths and out right untruths in you comments lead me believe you are one in the same. Instead of implementing policy, the City was drug through 4 years of turmoil and bullying. Borrowing words from another source; "The past four years were painful. Vlieger wanted to debate everything, accomplished very little and in the end blamed everyone,”. The only thing he accomplished was nearly bankrupting the city and trying to destroy a lot of good peoples lives. Now, it's over, the citizens have spoken, the bully exposed. Ding Dong!


kimstandlee 4 years, 4 months ago on Let's return Sunnyside to civility

Four easy ways to lose an election. #1 … Mail out hate mail. #2… Mail out hate mail. #3… Mail out more hate mail. #4... Mail out more hate mail sponsored and written by another non-resident slumlord attacking respected community leaders, city councilmen, and others who would dare disagree with him and his conspirators who represent a one dimensional platform with one agenda. Mr. Perales has done just that and exaggerated the truth to fit his sugar daddies platforms .


kimstandlee 4 years, 4 months ago on Questioning validity of crime statistics raises ire of Sunnyside's deputy mayor

You go Mr. Stremler and Mr. Price. Keep 'em honest. @srt8 Please quote the the obvious and disparaging remarks that you talk about.