linariley 5 months, 4 weeks ago on Gunfire exchanged between police, car-jacker

4everoceans is right. Mr. Vlieger, Mr. Raines, Mr. Perales, all have had their campaigns bought and paid for by Mr. Overland the owner of parkland homes. Their ugly nasty fake newspapers are packed with lies and innuendos that attempt to destroy the reputation of some very good people. They rant and rail about crime and crime free rental housing, which they weren't even a part of, however, they never hold this property owner responsible. Have you driven through this piece of property? You can instantly tell that another set of rules apply there. The police did a good job on this evening. However a simple investigation into the calls and crime at this address over the last few years makes their newspaper smell like what it is, something to wrap rotting fish in.


linariley 6 months ago on Questioning validity of crime statistics raises ire of Sunnyside's deputy mayor

How on earth can Vlieger claim in HIS statistics that arrests are up but crime is down? Are we arresting people who did not commit crimes? How can he continue to send out material that say there has been one shooting in Sunnyside for 2013? Let's see, a house was shot, there was the incident at Trees Market where Mr. Ayala apparently fired shots and was shot by police, and then there was at least another incident where shot were fired in the air. Shouldn't those qualify as shootings? Are the police logging these in differently than they used to. That would be my best guess. Mr. Price and Mr. Stremler's intent appears on target to get to the truth, but instead are being smeared and defamed by certain council members. If the police are not logging in all calls and incidents, then what good is a crime analyst? None, whatsoever. Vlieger and Raines said it best themselves, "we know when there are bullets in the air", but let's not write it down boys, we wouldn't want to screw up their campaigns. Mr. Vlieger campaigns as if the police department will vanish if his hand picked crew isn't elected. He takes personal claim for the crime statistics when they are tilted to his favor. He seems to have the "I" syndrome. What about what we are doing in our schools for prevention and intervention. We may have the lowest crime in 23 years (which I don't believe) but we probably have the lowest bank account in this town in 23 years also. And thank you school district and Firme for all you do to prevent kids getting into gangs in the first place.


linariley 6 months ago on Write-in candidate targets incumbent S’side councilman

Mr. Guerrero is well respected in the community. I don't know what frightens Mr. Raines and Mr. Vlieger more. Is it that Mr. Guerrero is smart enough to see through the dog and pony show, or is it that he more closely reflects the community. Desperation to continue a voting block seems to be the motive of recruiting a write-in campaign. Note that the write-in candidate lives at Parkland Homes, one of the addresses that seem to attract a lot of police calls.The same address that the awful fake newspapers come from. The same address that Perales's campaign material is coming from. His absentee landlord is sure putting a lot of money into this campaign. I don't see the crime free rental housing ordinance working very well there. Multiple homicides and then again last night a car-jacking and high speed chase from Parkland Homes. Where is the outcry from Raines and Vlieger to stomp into the City Managers office and demand code enforcement in there and declare the property a public nuisance. Follow the money. There has to be more to this story of the desperation of Vlieger, Raines, Overland and their kind. Now their publications have resorted to calling people Nazi's and flat out lies about Mr. Martin's campaign and why he decided to run. So interesting that everyone that runs for council that isn't in their pocket are painted as "cop hating, gang lovers". Pay attention Sunnyside, don't let your election be bought by outside special interests.