naturalman2005 4 months ago on No clucking way!

Sunnyside Planning Commission??????????? Get your head out of the sand!!!! I have heard roosters. I noticed hens in from 16th street to streets off Grandview Ave. I have also noticed quail in the same area. I nearly hit a hen peacock near the new fire dept. and have photos to prove it.
Chickens equal salmonella bacteria no place for it in town. Don't we already have a CROW problem??????????? FIRST CHICKENS>>>>>>>> NEXT HOGS!!!!!!!!!!!

How about Sea Monkeys and peanuts for your 4-H project


naturalman2005 7 months, 3 weeks ago on Council refrains from giving school bond its support

Well, the council agreed that it does not want to make recommendations in elections.

Yet it is reported that individually council members expressed support for the school bond.

Sounds like the council made a recommendation.
Off the record: Collectively city council have No restraints on anything.


naturalman2005 7 months, 3 weeks ago on Are you a philologist?

Question: Are you a philologist? Answer: No! I am a visionary philosopher...............


naturalman2005 7 months, 3 weeks ago on S’side charter school likely won’t be OK’d

That's how it is in Sunnyside............. Everyone wants something for nothing...... If you want to play you got to paid.