ohthehellyousay 1 month ago on Oil spill clean-up efforts continue in Sunnyside area

Is the Deaton family going to be paying for the cost of this? Why are they allowed to store used motor oil on their property, near the canal anyway?


ohthehellyousay 2 months, 1 week ago on Wine tasting room near SHS unopposed

You must not know Sunnyside. Hugh Shiels former office, is the old train depot station. Do you know where that is? Nowhere visibly near the high school. It's nearly more than a block away. Incidentally, Beer and alcohol is sold at the bowling alley, which is right across the street. It is also sold at the grocery store across the street, and at the convenience store across the street. Read the article next time, and quit being stunned by mundane things that only pot heads find offensive.


ohthehellyousay 6 months, 3 weeks ago on Former councilman files claim against city for flood damage

He had no flood insurance. Why not? If he was aware or had some idea the storm drains were faulty or not properly maintained, why didn't he bring it to the city's attention before the storm? And if he knew that it could probably cause damage, why didn't he carry flood insurance on his business? Sounds like HE didn't do his own due diligence and provide a plan for protecting his own assets.


ohthehellyousay 6 months, 3 weeks ago on No leads on suspect from this morning’s shooting in Sunnyside

Good...those losers were speeding through a school zone when they were stopped. Good job SSPD, get those criminals off our streets and away from our kids.


ohthehellyousay 7 months, 1 week ago on Mabton mayor accused of abusing public office

I want to know what Ms. Cervantes agenda is. Something had to fuel this rabid investigation she has done to figure out this info. I wonder if the neighbors on Fern Street or Cedar Street in Mabton know anything. There are underlying issues here. What is the real story?


ohthehellyousay 1 year ago on Multiple crashes in dust storm closes S’side-Mabton Hwy.

So who didn't maintain their fields of blowing dust? Aren't those property owners responsible for dust leaving their fields devoid of vegetation?