scottie2hottie 4 years, 2 months ago on Jimmy Kimmel trips and viewers fall

Oh my god, Mr Funt, what a ridiculous article, you are the one that's wrong. Children are not that fragile, they are very resilient. And I suspect many of them when older will look back and laugh with their parents on the time they were on Jimmy Kimmel. If children were as fragile as your article implies, we'd all have committed suicide by now.

The real problem in our current day and age is this artificial world we create around our children to try and shield them from the real world. This creates a false sense of reality and then when the world, which can be truly harsh (such as crime, hate and war), comes steaming at them full speed, they are unable to cope because we as parents have failed to do what we were really supposed to do which is prepare them for the real world as it really is. Your article is a great example of this false, sheltered world the U.S. culture wishes to erect around our children.