ssoverlord 1 year, 9 months ago on Council to evaluate Day’s performance

"Councilman Jason Raines argued that a 360-evaluation might drive the wrong behavior. He said the city manager is serving the citizens, not the city staff or outside agencies."

He may not be serving the city staff but he is providing guidance/direction and overall management to the staff based upon policy and goals from the council and Jason doesn't want to have input from the staff as to how he deals/communicates with the staff to see how those policies and goals are being put in to place by the staff. Interesting comment from the man who has probably never had a meaningful job in his life.


ssoverlord 1 year, 9 months ago on Allowing marijuana sales in Sunnyside a very bad idea

Does anyone really listen to this guy outside his very small circle of friends? His record of public decisions and bloviation from the Dias is one of bad decisions compounded by his self righteous moral superiority that he tells us comes from his vast experiences in all things.

It's absolutely laughable that he complains about a majority of council trying force this down decision down the throats of the public. Well he should know! He and his cohorts tried to force privatization of water, sewer, and ambulance services on people and I venture a safe guess that if this had been put to a public vote it would have been close to 100% against that boondoggle! They routing ignored the voices who came before them at every council meeting and did as they wanted. They ignored the minority of council members who tried to bring reason to the debate. The first act they committed was firing Leo Fancy. They ignored state and federal laws and regulations to fix the treatment plant which resulted in a 350,000 lawsuit settlement and in the extra costs to rebuild because if inflation. They directed the city manager to violate state law with the purchase of the Monson property without an expressed public purpose or use which in the end will cost the city 4 times the purchase price. He had no proble using his victory over Carol Stone by a handful of votes as a political mandate to wreck havoc on the city finances between 2009 and 2013.


ssoverlord 1 year, 10 months ago on Sunnyside’s city finances still a mess

But I thought that Don "financial oversight is my primary responsibility" Vlieger was going to solve all of this when he rode in on his high white horse in 2009. Instead he and his like minded cronies mismanaged all of the built up reserves and contingency funds and allocated them all to the Police Department. They relied on former City Manager Stockwell's (2004 - 2007) advice that the city only needed 1 months cash reserves on hand then spent all of the reserves on the Monson property purchase and when they got back in power in 2009 applied those same failed policies.


ssoverlord 2 years, 2 months ago on City budget nearly back on track

Sunnysidefav, so even after all of stuff that you mentioned the city still had $3.7M in the bank. But you somehow think that justified your buddies (family members??) to spend every dime of it? I'm having a hard time following the logic of your argument.

As I stated a while ago in a different post Vlieger's only hope was low information voters, as in people who would believe everything he spews. You proved my point.


ssoverlord 2 years, 2 months ago on Privatization a solution for government budget woes?

Lets not go down that path again. Stockwell, working hand and hand with Vlieger and company, was only days away from shoving it down our throats, with the promise of saving the city $300,000 a year until it came out it would only save $13,000. So what did Stockwell do, he shifted $500,000 from the water and sewer funds to cover general fund expenses until the state auditor finally stopped that last year!


ssoverlord 2 years, 3 months ago on A good night for incumbents

Lets take a trip down memory lane and tick off a few of Don's dubious achievements as published in the DSN in no particular order: 1) Feb 23, 2005 - Community residents not enamored with idea of privatizing water, sewer systems. 2) May 16, 2005 - Vlieger steps down from council 3) Nov. 23, 2004 - Councilman proposes individual water meters for mobile homes Excerpt: "He also is seeking to have the ordinance allow for existing mobile home park owners to switch over to individual metering, if they so request." Excerpt: "Mayor Ed Prilucik pointed out that he personally would have a problem with city meters being set up in a private development, noting that underground infrastructure would have to be brought up to code and the city would have to be given easements, or right-of-ways into each park."

4) Aug. 23, 2011 - Council divided on $49,000 police department review Excerpt: "Vlieger said he feels the spending of $49,000 in public funds for a study and review of the police department's performance and management practices is a waste of money." 5) Nov 10, 2009 - Vlieger edges Stone for city council seat Excerpt: "Vlieger said he wanted local police to add K-9 units .." 6) Feb 9, 2010 - City Council shows interest in K-9 program here Excerpt: "Vlieger liked the idea so much he said he would like to see two or three K-9s if the first one worked out." 7) Nov 1, 2013 - Sunnyside police crunch the numbers Excerpt: "Sunnyside’s K-9 unit will be disbanded early next year, said Schenck...".


ssoverlord 2 years, 3 months ago on A good night for incumbents

President Reagan would say it's morning in America, and after the election it looks like the sun will shine little brighter in Sunnyside now that our long local nightmare, Don Vlieger, is about to defeated. May the city be ever so fortunate to never have to endure his brand of the politics of personal destruction again. I can only imagine that Deputy Chief Schenk must have been dusting off his resume` on Wednesday knowing that his shift is about to come to an end as well.

I would think that the City Council would ask Vlieger at the next meeting to step down and allow Mr. Martin to be seated so that he can participate in the budget. After all that is what he and Mike Farmer tried to do in 2009.

Pray that we never have to hear from Wayne Overland again too, who has tried for several years for the city to take over Parkland Mobile Homes so that he can save and spend his money in California and Canada.

As for Vlieger, I am sure there would be no shortage of volunteers who would help him pack up the basement living quarters at the B&B, into his Montana licensed trailer, and unceremoniously escort him out of town, to go back to one of his many other "residences" he owns, that is if he didn't all ready bail out in the early morning hours following the election results.


ssoverlord 2 years, 3 months ago on City budget nearly back on track

4everoceans, while I agree with what you said, please revise your figures in that the City had $3.7 million in reserves and contingency when Vlieger and Farmer were elected in 2009! They burned through that pot of money like a crack addict who found a $5 bill on the street. They regularly brought items to the council to fund while ignoring the warnings of the City Manager and Finance Director that this was one time money and should not be spent on recurring expenses, and then had the nerve to call out and blame staff when it was gone.


ssoverlord 2 years, 3 months ago on Sunnyside police crunch the numbers

The only real numbers that matter are the millions of dollars that have gone to support the over blown, mismanaged Sunnyside Police Department. So now the K9 unit will be disbanded? Another Vlieger and company financial boondoggle that cost the city well over $80,000 to start up with unreal promises made by Vlieger that not only would it pay for itself (less than $500 has been seized to date) but bring in enough drug seizure money to buy another one!

This is just another example of his fiscal conservative policies and for which he proudly takes credit for. To brag that all of his actions has led to a new general fund balance of close to $300,000 which is actually up from $824 that they had in June is the height of hubris!!! Here's a little news flash for you Don, if you hadn't blown that $80,000 you would now have $380,000 in the bank!

Forget for the moment that when he was elected in 2009 that the City had $3.7 million in reserves and contingency and that he, Raines, Hicks, and Farmer went through that pot of money like a hot knife through butter.